Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Favourites

Dear April favourites I apologize for skipping over you. Actually in all my years of blogging I have yet to skip a Monthly Favorites post and the truth be told it’s put me out of sorts. I’ve been asking myself questions like what month because in many ways favourites posts mark an end and a start to something new. So yes, this will be a May favourites post but for the take of my own fragile mental state I will throw in a couple from the previous month too. Let begin!

Neil’s Yard Frankincense Intense Serum
This serum uses the best of old world skincare treatments (like turmeric) and combines it with modern day technology. From it’s beautiful scent to its ability to really firm and tighten the skin this luxury serum is been a pleasure to use. If you’re interested you can read my full review here.

Bodycology Creamy Vanilla Shower Gel
I always see the Bodycology line of products at my local Walmart and the truth is I’ve never bought anything from this range. It wasn’t until I received an assortment of products from a PR company that it really opened up my eyes to the brand. The first thing you need to know about Bodycology is there products are not littered with parabens and they do not test on animals. The second thing is Creamy Vanilla smells delicious and the addition of grape seed extract makes the formula nourishing. Finally all Bodycology products are extremely affordable and unquestionably fun. Next time you doing a shop and you see Bodycology give it a try.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid
Lactic acid is a chemical exfoliator that is incredibly effective yet ultra-gentle. For me Lactic Acid is a miracle product because there is nothing out there that makes my skin look as glowy or as clear. While products that contain lactic acid have always been on the pricey side The Ordinary’s only costs $7.70. So gone are the days of $120.00 lactic acid treatment and here are the days of affordable options. You can see my full review here or you can skip your morning latte and buy one of these instead.

Buxom Rose Julip
I use to go through Buxom’s lip glosses like crazy, but somehow over the years I forgot about these. If you like the feeling of cooling minty lip products you will without a doubt love these. In addition there are tons of really fun shades to try and the formula lasts forever. If you’re not into the glittery shades there’s also a range of shimmer free lip creams. I can’t recommend these enough and I’m definitely going back for more.

Yardley English Lavender Eau De Toilette
If you took a mens cologne and mixed it with a lavender field it would smell like Yardley’s English Lavender and I love it! This fragrance is lightweight and extremely easy to wear… strangers have even complimented it! If you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable spring time fragrance with tons of history English Lavender is my first choice. Full review here, review also includes English Rose which is also really good.

Confession I used an recycled picture, my English Lavender proudly stands tall on my desk at work! Anyways thank you everyone for taking the time and reading this long list of favourites. I hope all of you are enjoying the warm weather and we will see each other soon because I have a quite a bit of skincare posts lined up. 

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