Monday, June 19, 2017

L’Oréal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise Review

There have been some excellent, exciting makeup releases as of late, however the one that has truly caught my eye is L’Oréal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise. This mascara claims to give lashes “voluptuous volume and length”, furthermore the internet has gone wild about this mascara and between you and I happens to look awfully similar to TooFaced Better Then Sex mascara. So without further talking let’s get on with the review.
There are three things you need to know about Lash Paradise:

1. I originally and mistakenly bought the waterproof version of this mascara. On a complete side note, every time I buy mascara I without fail always buy the wrong formula. Does that happen to any of you? 
I digress the waterproof version is… well water proof and I personally think it’s too much of a pain to get off. In addition I found the formula of the waterproof tacky, which resulted in lashes sticking together which gives that spidery lash look. Not to my liking, however I have never been a waterproof mascara type of girl.

2. After purchasing the correct formula and in the right colour, I have to say I really, really like this mascara. It makes lashes extremely long, and dare I say almost fake looking? As for volume this Lash Paradise makes lashes extremely curly and extremely black. On me this mascara wears easily for 8 hours without smearing, or flaking.

So if you’ve been seeing raves about this mascara it’s definitely for good reason as it’s probably one of the best I’ve tried from the drugstore. In comparison to the Better Then Sex mascara I personally like this one better. I find the formula, the brush on both of them extremely similar however since Lash Paradise is half the price and don’t half such a silly name, I like it better.

3. The third thing I wanted to point out is application. I find this formula works the best with a slower application. Also the brush might look overload with product, however avoid brushing off excess product. Surprisingly I’ve only experienced clumping when I’ve messed around with the brush and been in a brush. 

Despite not liking the waterproof formula, the original Lash Paradise is nothing short of amazing. It makes my lashes look super long, fluttery and almost fake looking. It’s also long lasting and even through the hotter weather I haven’t noticed and smudging. Lash Blast, Dior Show, Roller Lash, Great Lash, there are some amazing mascara’s out there and for me Lash Paradise without a doubt holds its own.


  1. I am due to purchase some mascara soon, so I will definitely try this one.

    1. it's really nice can't recommend the non waterproof formula enough!

  2. I think i'm going to have to purchase this one. I haven't tried to Too Faced one but everyone is raving about the l'Oreal one.

    1. The Two Faced is good but this one is better in my humble opinion. :)

  3. Okay, I need to try this mascara. I've heard amazing things about it so far.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge