Monday, June 26, 2017

Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask Review

If you were thinking I sit here all day testing face masks and eating bonbons you’ve got the wrong girl. My recent favourite face mask trial area is my car (I wish I was joking), but I figure since I’m stuck in traffic I might as well pop on a mask before I make my journey home. On a recent spa induced rush hour car ride home I actually tested a bright green face mask. Somewhere between avoiding road rage and looking like a sea monster it crossed my mind that I wish that was clear like my ‘Paula mask’ which was shortly followed by the realization that I have never even mentioned it on my blog. So today we are talking about one of my all-time favourite mask’s Paula’s Radiance Renewal Mask.
Let’s talk about the basics. I love this mask for many reasons but I have to say its convenient pump and clear finish mean I can pop this on at any time. Also, don’t let the ‘overnight’ thing confuse you because you could wear this for a couple of hours during the day too. Personally my favourite way to use this mask is on a lazy Sunday, where I just apply a generous amount on my face and forget about it.

Despite being a friendly, easy to use mask, this mask is loaded with fantastic ingredients. Where do I even begin? Let’s start with hydrating hyaluronic acid, moisturizing olive oil and willow bark extra which is perfect natural way to control oil. This mask also contains vitamin c which is one of the best ingredients for healthy, radiant skin. Along with all the goodness this mask doesn’t contain any nasties like parabens.

If didn’t want to look like a green monster during rush hour this one is for you!
Kidding, Kidding…With its clear, effective formula and its convenient pump this mask that you can pop on just about any time and anywhere. On me this mask doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and furthermore the gel texture isn’t messy and washes away with ease. If you were looking for a mask that really packs in nutrients and leaves your skin looking plump, radiant and more even toned you need to try Paula’s Radiance Renewal Mask.

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