Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Conair Infiniti Pro Elite Collection Hair Dryer Review

I love skin care, fragrance, body care, and nail polish. Put it this way if it’s beauty related more times than not, I love it. However despite my love for all things beauty there is one genre I can’t get on board with, and that my friends is hair! Embarrassingly I am a ponytail girl through and through.

So what am I doing reviewing a blow dryer? Hear me out!

The root to all my frustration is my hair takes forever to dry. This irritation becomes a downright problem, due to the fact that my hair dryer is embarrassingly over 10 years old. Yes you heard that right! I own my body weight in makeup and skincare, but I am embarrassingly the proud owner of an (near) antique blow dryer. To be honest, despite it’s inability to get hot I’m seriously surprised it’s lasted this long. I’m getting way off topic here, but what I’m trying say is I was desperate for new hair dryer.

As low maintenance hair gal, my blow dryer needs are pretty straightforward.
1. It must dry hair fast.
2. It must be lightweight, as drying hair shouldn’t be an Olympic sport for my arms.
3. I want something cute. Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with performance, but I just can’t help myself I like pretty things.
4. It must be ‘inexpensive’, because refuse to pay $500.00 for a hair dryer.

So ladies and gents, my search lead me to Conair’s Infiniti PRO Elite and I have thoroughly loved it. First and far most important this blow dryer, dry’s your hair fast. Secondly, it’s super lightweight. Thirdly and most surprising I love the diffuser attachment. It makes my hair look like natural beach wives and minimizes lots of frizz. I also find the cool blast function does a really good job of setting your hair (after styling).
The Conair Infinitie Pro Elite looks cute, it functions like a dream and it won’t cost you an arm and leg. Are my ponytail days over? Not a chance, but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my hair with the Conair Infinite Pro Elite and I can’t recommend it enough.

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