Friday, May 19, 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Pallet

I love experimenting with new skincare, however when it comes to makeup I can be rather reserved. While I still get excited for new makeup collections, I don’t purchase nearly as much as I once did. Even experimenting with ‘new’ looks is regrettably a thing of the past. However just like a seasonal cold, every now and then I catch the makeup bug. This time, my makeup induced condition had me craving all things bright and all things spring and summer. So like so many of us that craved a bright, cutesy eye shadow pallet I had my eye set on Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow. So after weeks of trying to locate this sold-out everywhere pallet and another few weeks formulating my thoughts here are my thoughts. 

Firstly, this eye shadow pallet is peach scented. Which is super cute, but in my head I was expecting a perfumed product so close your eyes to be irritating. However after months of use I am happy to report that the scent is not in the slightest way irritating. In fact its peach scent is something that I thoroughly look forward to. Dare I say the peach scent enhances the overall experience?

Scent aside, my overall feelings on the quality of the pallet is most of the shades are pigmented and easy to blend. Is it the best eye shadow pallet I’ve ever had? No, shades like Delectable and Georgia are a little slacking in the pigmentation department. However whatever they lack shades like Cobbler and Caramelized make up for it. The packaging is not only charming but it’s also durable and practical.

The only flaw I see in this pallet is I wish it had included some cooler shades. Granted, this is a peach pallet and I get peach is a warm toned colour. However I find really warm shades (especially pink) on my pale skin can make me look ill. So to counter balance warm shades I often pair them with a cool toned colours and since this pallet doesn’t include this I feel like I’m always reaching for other things.

Too Faced Sweet Peach is a nice pallet. It’s the kind of beauty product that is fun and for the most part will perform well. I like that this pallet has a wide variety of different shades making it perfect for formal events to casual weekend looks. With that being said I this pallet included some cool toned colors. So where does that leave us? If you’re looking for an enjoyable spring-summer friendly eyeshadow pallet that’s fun and travels well you might want to stop and the Too Faced Peach Pallet a try. If your looking for an eye pallet contains the best formula, the best finishes and the best longevity I would give this a pass. 

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