Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Ordinary’s High Spreadablity Primer

In the past few months I have been obsessed with The Ordinary. Not only do there product’s appeal to the science nerd in me, but they are incredibly effective, priced fairly and there ingredients are everything. Thus far I’ve yet to have a negative run in with the brand until now. So today I’m taking on The Ordinary’s High Spreadablity Primer.

This primer contains finely milled silicone molecules. These fine flexible silicone molecules make a thin, lightweight, matrix on your skin. In return this makes makeup adhere to your skin like no one’s business. The Ordinary claims that this has a serum finish that makes your skin glow. I would say this has a thin consistency with a good amount of slip to it. Unlike other silicone primers High Spreadablity Fluid Primer is without a doubt more light weight than any other I’ve tried. 

I should also mention after a few weeks of use this makes my makeup look fresh from 6:00am in the morning to 8:00pm at night. Over 12 hours of wear, solid formula, where’s the negative?

My issue with High Spreadablity comes down to the packaging. Now I like this apothecary style, pipette style packaging for skincare, but when it comes to this primer I’ve noticed chunky clumps of primer appear around the top of the product. Even the product itself seems to be slightly thicker then when I first bought it 2 months ago. The combination of the product buildup along with the change of consistency has ultimately made me discontinue use.

Solid formula, excellent wear time and at $7.90 a pop this primer is extremely budget friendly. However personally I would rather spend more money and get a product with a longer shelf life. Since opening this bottle a little less than two months ago the formula has gone off and for that reason I highly suggest proceeding with caution.


  1. Hopefully they'll change the packaging then it would be the perfect primer! Can't beat that price, either xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Deciem actually commented on my instagram, they basically said they are in the process of improving the packaging for this product.
      Can't wait to see what they come up with :)

  2. The primer sounds great! Just a shame about the packaging.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I know! It really sucks, on the positive side they are working to improve the packaging so I'm eager to see whats in store for us!

  3. The same thing happened with my primer!
    I loved it at first but now its like thick and disappearing!
    I do love the other primer they have in the squeeze tube...give that one a go

    1. LOL I thought the same thing... I had a moment where I thought to myself 'I couldn't have used that much product'.
      I will give that one a go!