Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Toddler Must Haves... with Avent Philips!

When Everleigh was a baby my main concern was to keep her calm and clean. Now that she's a toddler my must haves have dramatically changed. Put it this way there is no swaddle blankets, rattles or any of the baby business in this post (newborn must haves here). In my limited experience when it comes to a toddler it's all about keeping them busy and out of trouble. So if you have a toddler, or have a baby that is about to be a toddler here are some of our families must haves. 

Hard Soled Shoes 
It is recommended that baby’s wear soft soled or no shoes at all until the age of two. So when we're at home I always try to follow this suggestion, however when out I find soft soled shoes extremely slippery. So to avoid slips, bumps and bruises I can't recommend hard soled shoes enough.

Avent Philips baby bottle
If you read my baby bottle post (here), you would know that my bottle experience was a complete and utter disaster. Like glass bottles being thrown at our animal’s kind of catastrophe. To make matters worse the bottles we were using were a pain to clean and to assemble. These days we have made the complete switch to the Philips Avent Natural bottles and sippy cups. For starters the bottle base is compatible with both the sippy cup top and the regular nipple. Making packing for day trips a breeze because you don’t need to take 30 bottles with you. 

However my favourite thing about the Philips Avent Bottle is that they are super easy to clean. The entire bottle has only 3 parts (not including lid) and you don’t need specialized cleaning equipment either. Gone are the days where I’m looking for tiny bottle parts lost in my dishwasher and here are the days where I can spend more time with my daughter.
For those with small babies these bottles also have a built in vent that reduces colic. The nipple shape also resembles a breast making it an excellent choice for those breastfeeding mom’s out there who are in dyer need of a break. 

You know that philosophy that states ‘you should eat 6 small meals a day’, well toddlers are the masters of this. To avoid giving Everleigh cookies, ice cream and cheerios I always stock the house with banana’s, raisins and oranges. If you’re a baker there are a ton of toddler snack recipes online. To avoid toddler food-tantrums at the grocery store I also stock the car with applesauce and toddler friendly granola bars. 

Board Books 
Everleigh loves her board books. Some feature glittery pages, while others make funny animal noises, what the all share in common is that all keep her occupied. I think the trick to board books is rotating them constantly that way they always seem ‘new’. I also like that board books travel well, we have a few in the car, a collection in her room and a couple in the living room as well. 

Basically when it comes to toddlers its all about giving them food, drink and keeping them out of trouble. Mother to mother, when all these have failed then we try for a nap! Thank you all for reading, and I would love to hear some of your toddler favorite’s too.
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*This blog post is sponsored by Philips Avent and PTPA. All opinions on my blog are entirely my own. Our family has throughly enjoyed these bottles, and would recommend them for any parent out there!
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