Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yardley the Floral Classic's Review

The first thing that comes into mind when I think of Yardley London is my grandmother. Sitting in a porcelain soap dish for all to see, never touched and slightly dusty was her collection of Yardley individual wrapped soaps. Maybe this was the eastern European in her? Maybe this is just a ‘grandma’ thing? Whatever the reason, Yardley is a brand I have had some serious history with. Today however, I am not reviewing their classic soaps, which still remain some of my all time favourites. Today it’s all about their fragrances and two of them, which I have absolutely adored. Let’s begin…

Yardley English Lavender 
Yardley’s English Lavender is a perfect example of the various faces of lavender. Yes, it can smell spa like, but it can also smell masculine and fresh too. The lavender notes in this eau de toilette give a masculine edge to the overall scent. At the same time the notes of geranium and violet give it a slight floral edge too. The overall effect is a very clean, almost cologne like fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. Personally I love using this English Lavender after my morning shower, its clean, easy to wear and to me it smells like running though a lavender field with cologne on! 

Yardley English Rose
Yardley London has some incredible history in fact they have been around since 1770. But don't get things twisted English Rose is a very modern scent.English Rose has a sweet rose-y onset with undertones of warm woods and soft musks. Dare I say, this isn’t your Grandma’s classic heavy red rose perfume! Yardley’s English Rose is a airy modern fragrance perfect for those who want a quick splash of fresh rose. 

The Yardley Eau de Toilettes are modern and easy to wear. The brand itself has rich in history, and to make matter's better these fragrances are super affordable too (less then $20.00 Canadian). So if you wanted to pick up a cute little gift for your mom, or wanted a new fragrence for you self I can't recommend these easy to love eau de toilettes enough. 

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