Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What's In My Diaper Bag

You know how they say 'sleep when baby sleeps'? Well since discovering What's In My Diaper Bag posts I have neglected this rule. At first I wanted to know what kind of bags people carry, then my obsession turned into contents. Why do people carry garbage bags? Why this? How come that? Eventually all my research turned me into a sleep deprived, but well prepared mom. So ladies lets take a departure from beauty and talk about what's in my diaper bag.

The Bag
A part of me wanted to get a fancy designer diaper bag. However the realistic side of me knew I didn't want to baby my bag, so I opted for the Herschel Strand Bag. What sold me on this bag was the unisex design and build quality. After using this bag for six months I can thoroughly say I love thatnits expandable, easy to clean and durable. As an added bonus Herschel products have a lifetime guarantee and they are relatively affordable too.

The Contents

Skip In Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station
This diaper changing station has a pocket for diapers, a compartment for diaper creams and a removable change pad. The best part is this changing station conveniently folds into a clutch, which means you can literally transform any bag into a diaper bag. Likewise if you wanted to leave your diaper bag in the car this small clutch takes up no room in the bottom of  our stroller.

Burt’s Bee’s Diaper Cream
To be honest I rarely use diaper cream… however should Everleigh’s bum look a little red I like to have one on hand. The Burt’s Bee’s is a good natural diaper cream, but to be honest I find the formula a little on the thick side.

Honest Multi Surface Spray
Public change areas can be filthy… Actually the whole diaper changing business in gross, so having a multi surface spray handy can be a lifesaver.

Dr. Bronners Hand Sanitizer
Public diaper changing stations are pretty disgusting... diapers are disgusting... the whole baby changing thing can be gross, so to combat messy situations I always keep a hand sanitizer handy. My personal favourite is the Dr. Bronners (review here). 

Kleen Kanteen Kid Kanteen
I always like to keep a handy bottle of cold water close by especially on really hot days. In comparison to traditional plastic sippy cups the Kanteen keeps water cooler longer. I also happen to really like it's stainless steel body because its both light weight and durable. 

A spare set of clothes!
Babies are prone to spills, diaper accidents, spit ups and all sorts of crazy things! So to avoid these issues I always keep a spare pair of clothes handy. Typically I keep a onesie, a pair of pants and a sweater in my diaper bag. 

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blanket 
From a stroller cover to a peekaboo toy these large muslin blankets come in so handy. In comparison to other muslin blankets I've tried the Aden and Anais are by far the softest on the market. I now have well over 10 of these and don't dare leave the house without one. 
I even have a spare in my car just in case! 

Pacifier Wipes and Pacifiers 
Pacifiers because it keeps a Everleigh cool, calm and collected while we are driving. Wipes because should it the paci fall on the ground it's nice to have a wipe handy. I also like to keep some protein bars in my paci bag for myself should I get hungry while out on a walk. 

I don't go crazy with toys but I like keeping a couple in my diaper bag should the baby get fussy while we our out. Currently Everleigh favourites our her Vulli Turtle, Nubby and Vulli Raddle Keys. 

I think that is everything? Come to think about it, that seems like a lot of things... I suppose like most new moms I follow that 'I'd rather been over prepared then under prepared' principle. Thank you for reading ladies, beauty posts will resume later this week. 

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