Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Avene Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil Review

I love a good oil cleanser and over the years I've tried the cheap cult must haves (review here) to the all natural (review here) and just about everything in-between. However in all my experiences I've never found a cleansing oil free of essential oils and perfect for the even most fragile skin types. So if you prone to irritation, or just avoid essential oils (pregnant ladies) let me introduce you to Avene's Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil.

Now let me start off the basics... deodorant, makeup and sunscreen usually doesn't come off with regular soap. This product build up can lead to pimples, infections and all sorts of skincare problems. What these stubborn products need is a fatty cleanser to break them down and get them off. So in my humble opinion every skincare routine needs a oil based cleanser.

On a side note I can seriously can talk about oil cleansers all day, because I haven't even touched facial message, circulation and lymphatic drainage yet. Hmmm I see a future post here...

Avene's Lipid Replensihing Cleansing Oil can be a life saver for those with sensitive eczema prone skin. Firstly this this cleanser restores and repairs the outer layer lipid layer of the skin. Secondly for the past 12 years the good scientists from Pierre Fabre (Avene's mother company) have create a skincare ingredient called I-moduila. This innovate ingredient soothes itching, irritation and even calms redness too. It's kind of like oatmeal, except way more effective! Thirdly the addition of Avene's magical thermal water ensures skin is soothed all while keeping things baby soft. Literally this cleanser is the trifecta of perfection for sensitive skin.

Next up is texture and when it comes to a good cleansing product texture is everything. Avene's Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil is a cross between an oil and a gel cleanser. This perfect consistency is thin enough that it's easily worked into the skin but thick enough that it doesn't run off your face. The end result is comfortable, perfectly clean beautiful skin.

If you haven't noticed I really, really like this product. From its tear free formula to it's ability to cleanse the body and face equally well I give this Cleansing Oil a huge thumbs up. If you have sensitive skin this cleanser is a game changer. Likewise oily skin types might like this for its calming, redness reducing abilities too. Actually this worked wonders on my babies eczema prone skin too! Perfect for the whole family Avene's Lipid Replenishing Oil is a must! 

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