Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July Favourites

From the beautiful hot weather to going to the cottage this month was quintessential summer to me. And everything summer means two things for my beauty favourites more skincare, and less makeup. Yes, I am definitely one that falls in to the no makeup category once the weather gets hot. So once again I have a skincare heavy favourites for you so lets just jump in.

Caudalie Grape Water 
This year I have discovered so many facial mists, dare I even say 2016 is the year of the facial mist. With that being said Caudalie's Grape Water is an old favourite. Like most facial sprays Caudalie's has an that addicting instant refreshing feeling. However unique to aerosol sprays the Grape Water actually comes out cool. So with the weather over 30 most days nothing feels better then a cooling, refreshing facial mist. 
Caudalie's Grape Water spray also reduces redness and clams irritation too.

Le Serum de Jacynthe
Sometimes I really like to pamper my skin, but cottage trips to me embody simplicity. So instead of packing 100 different things I made a strong emphasis multitasking products.  One of these multitask-ers was Le Serum De Jacynthe. This oil based wonder is a serum, moisturizer and treatment all in one. It's multifunctional abilities leave my skin looking glowy and feeling hydrated.
Read my complete review is here.

L'Occitane Luminous Oil
I know what your thinking 'two oils favourites in the middle of summer?'
Both oils are super lightweight and almost dry in texture, so fear not ladies.
L'Occitanes Luminous Oil can be used in the hair and on the body. I typically use this on the body because it leaves the hydrated and baby soft. With that being said it works wonderfully at smoothing hair too. With the scent of summery scent of mimosa this oil is my new all time favourite.
L'Occitane currently has this on sale for $12.50, so if your interested its an excellent time to scoop one up (link here).

Chanel Poudre Signee Illuminating Powder
For years this product sat in pristine condition and still in it's packaging. Yes, ladies I'm one of those rare breads that buys makeup to just "collect". However after doing a makeup clear-out I realized this product was too beautiful not to use, so I cracked it open and haven't looked back since.
Poudre Signee is a breath taking pale pink with a touch of gold highlight. The formula of this powder is buttery and easy to blend. It literally is the perfect highlight, especially if you have pale skin like me. Moral of the story if you have one of these use it!

Skincare, body care and a touch of highlighting powder... Can you tell I've been having a laid-back summer?  With that being said I hope all of you are enjoying the weather and thank you all for taking the time and reading.

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