Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cleansing Cloths Review

We all know I'm an good ole fashion cleanser and water kind of girl. However I can't deny the idea of a wipe appeals to me, especially when your pressed for time, drunk or want to get to bed. I however bought these wipes specifically to pack in my hospital bag back in December. Since going into labour back in January I have used (and finished) these wipes and dang do I have news for you. So ladies, skincare enthusiasts and face wipe lovers lets start the review shall we. 
As mentioned I am a cleansing kind of girl, so when it came time to buy wipes I put in tons of research to find the perfect product. Ole Henriksen describes these as "a package of luxe satin-spun clothes strutted with an ultra gentle nourishing formula that blankets your skin with the softest, smoothing cleaning experience". In addition they also claim that these "remove all traces of makeup" including water proof makeup. Even online reviews praise the Nurture Me Cleansing Clothes to be one of the best on the market. 

I however hate these and here's why. 
In a world of alcohol saturated facial wipes, Ole's are alcohol-free and contain many hydrating oils. The formula is groundbreaking from the outside, but once these wipes come in contact with your skin... ouch. These cult wipes, known for being 'gentle' irritated the heck out of my skin. I wish I can pinpoint the singular ingredient that caused irritation, but the truth is the ingredients are pretty solid. Maybe my skin is sensitive? Maybe it's the fragrance? Whatever the ingredient is proceed with caution. 

If the burning sensation didn't turn you off, the single reason you should pass on these wipes is there ineffective. I don't want to come off harsh, but I can remove more makeup from a baby wipe. Not that I'm suggesting you use baby wipes, but in terms of makeup removers there are better options out there. If you wear waterproof mascara my words to you are ... good luck. 

So with my face burning and makeup residue still lingering around my eyes the first thing I did after labour was properly wash my face. Moral of the story nothing beats a good cleanse. I know many of you love these wipes so I don't mean to upset anyone... BUT these wipes are a huge pass for me. 

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