Friday, June 17, 2016

EOS Smooth Stick Review

Let me first start off by saying it's nearly impossible to write this review without talking about the original EOS lip balm. Its innovative design, delicious scents and great ingridents are literally loved by the masses. I swear I've seen makeup collections that boast over 20 of these cute easter egg like lips balms! But in all the online hype about EOS I have yet to hear anyone talk about the Smooth Sick Lip Balm. So ladies here is my speedy review on the EOS Smooth Stick!

Before we dive deep into my brain of crazy lets start off with the basics. EOS claims the Smooth Stick boasts "long lasting moisture" and it "smooths on clear". To be honest I thought the website would have a more enticing decryption so into my world of crazy we go... 

I really like this lip balm. Now there are a few reason's why, but the most important is I really like the formula. Unlike the original Smooth Sphere Lip Balm, the Smooth Stick contains a coconut oil base. This emollient base means your going to have that incredible slip when it hits your lips. 
Actually I was quite impressed to see that this product only contains 10 simple, but effective ingredients. In my experience most popular lips balms contain well over 20.

Now here where things start to get crazy. I love the stick packaging! I know the sphere is fun, but if your clumsy like me you are also probably prone to dropping the darn ball. Cat hair and crumbs should not be in my lip balm. Also I like that you can put this in your pocket without sporting a huge circular bulge. And further more call me traditional, but I just like stick lip products!

The Smooth Stick is hydrating and feels great on the lips. The classic stick design might be dull to the common 13 year old, but I have to say I prefer it. If you wanted to try an affable lip product I highly suggest the Smooth Sick.

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