Friday, June 10, 2016

The 3 Product Face

Last week during a hot, humid summer day I decided to take the baby for a walk. By the time I got to the end of the street the weather had got the best of my face. Not only did I feel hot, but my freshly done makeup felt like a gross, slimy mask. By the time I got to the park (a mere 5 min walk) this anti-wipe beauty blogger was taking off her makeup with a baby wipe. 
Gasp! I know...
So what is one to do... There are a couple of things you can do such as get long lasting makeup, but I recommend scaling back on products! Ladies let me introduce you to my three product face it's hot weather friendly, takes seconds to apply and yet it looks absolutely flattering on. 

Product #1 Concealer 
Everyone knows the heat can cause you to sweat. This additional oil build up can actually breakdown your foundation giving the look of a cakey face. So the best quick fix for faking good skin is a touch of concealer to problem areas only.What amazes me once my problem areas are corrected the rest of my face instantly looks more polished. It's a two second hack for better looking skin!
My problem area are my dark circles and my favourite product to fix them is Clarins Instant Concealer. I love this concealer, which should come to no surprise to you because I can't stop talking about here... now on to the next product!

Product #2 Mascara
Macara is kind of a miracle make up product if you ask me! Not only does a touch of mascara add definition to the eyes, but it can also make you look more awake and ... and...I got nothing, but more awake is definitely a plus in my sleep deprived life. During the summer you might want to consider getting a waterproof mascara. A waterproof mascara can help prevent your mascara from running on muggy, humid days.
Currently I am using the last bit of my Smashbox Full Exposure. It's not a bad mascara by any means, but there more better, more affordable options out there.

Product #3 Highlight
From blurring fine lines to making your skin glow, if you want to fake healthy looking skin I am convinced that highlight can be your best friend. If you were thinking a highlight just goes on top of your cheekbones your wrong: a pass through the centre of your nose can make it look smaller, a touch on the cupids bow can make you lips look larger, a dot by the tear duct can make your eyes look wider... 
One of my all time favourite highlighters is NARS Copacabana. The finish of Copacabana is cream to powder which makes it an excellent choice for hot weather. 

So the next time the hot weather has your foundation caking up and your liquid liner running to your chin remember these three products! Actually come to think about it if your feeling especially lazy these three products are an excellent way to save time too, or if your feeling hungover or travelling ... You get the idea! 
Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoy the weekend! 

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