Friday, May 6, 2016

Skincare Lies & How to Avoid Them

Behind a very fancy makeup counter a lady told me that I 'needed' to splurge on an eye cream. Now to paint the picture correctly, I had a crying baby in one arm and an extra large coffee in the other. My normal reaction would be to come up with some sort of witty comment, but as a new mom I was sleep deprived and therefore off my game. The next thing you know this women is trying to sell me a eye cream which she says its scientifically proven to replicate the effects of plastic surgery. Standing there like a tired zombie I thanked her for her time and gave her the generic "let me think about it" response. As I was walking away, crying baby and all I started thinking... there is a whole lot of bullshit (pardon my language) people try to sell you out there. So ladies here are my three tips to avoid falling for these lies. 

1. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. 
There are treatments out there that can minimize fine line or help firm the skin. However results of these skincare products are a gradual progression. If your thinking why isn't my serum working typically with any skincare product you should start to see results at the 4 week mark. So the next time someone tries to sell you a instant face lift in a tube, or Botox in a bottle... just think to yourself if a cream could replicate the effects of cosmetic surgery why would people still going under the knife?

2. You don't need the entire range of products.
I hear the classic sales lady pitch "these products are formulated to work together" all the time, which  to me means 'I want to get as much commission off of you as possible'. To be honest I think you would be hard pressed to find a skincare expert that uses everything from the same brand, let alone the same range. Every product in your skincare stash should be an amazing stand alone product. So if you love a high-end serum, a mid ranged face cream and a drugstore exfoliator... go for it and mix it up!

3. Natural, Dermatologist tested and Hypoallergenic...question everything!
There are a few brands that's claim to the skincare game is that there products are "dermatologist tested". Well I'm here to say that doesn't mean much considering there is a doctor somewhere out there to willing to indorse just about anything. There are also a slew of 'natural' skincare ranges that aren't natural at all. My favourite thou us 'hypoallergenic'. This very word was created by the beauty industry to give the illusion of gentle, non-invasive products. There is no certification to this word and yet you see it everywhere! To combat these lies my advice is to question absolutely everything from the price the product to the overall appearance of the brand. Luckily for us we are armed with the internet which is a great tool to get some truthful answers and reviews.
I also venture to and whenever I have a product or brand in question. 

So the next time a sales person tries to push an entire range of natural, hypoallergenic, 'face lift' cream you will be able to spot the lies from a mile away.
Until next time people!

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