Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Femme Couture Monster Lash XXL Review

Femme Couture Monster Lash XXL has me at a complete loss for words. I am literally so excited about this product that I'm actually rather scatter brained about it. So lets start from the beginning, shall we?

Around Christmas time I went into a Sally's Beauty Supply. My goal was to see the Hello Kitty OPI collection of nail polishes along with some of there Christmas specials. While glancing through there selection of makeup a sales lady and I got talking mascara. We did the whole makeup girl talk as we expressed our love for volumizing mascara. "Have you tried Benefit's Bad Gal Lash", "Yup, do you like Dior Show?" literally this mascara exchange went on for an embarrassingly long time. Then she looked at me and with eager eyes and said "you need to try this, it will change your life!"
So I did what I was told and bought the product... The next thing you know I had a baby, life happened and I completely forgot that I had left this mascara in the back seat of my car.  

Until now... and ladies... this mascara is really, really, amazing, awesome, out of this world good! 
I've tried drugstore mascaras, department store mascaras and luxury mascaras, but nothing I've ever tried has compared to this.

This perfect mascara starts with a handy curved brush that evenly coats your lashes. Its the kind of brush that doesn't miss a lash, yet it doesn't make your lashes look clumpy either. The formula on the other hand is ultra volumizing and super lengthing. With an amazing brush and perfect formula this mascara gives the effect of beautiful long, curly false lashes. If you wanted a more dramatic look you'll be happy to know the Femme Couture layers really well too. 

Now here comes the scatter brain part... I did a little research about this product and I was bombarded by negative reviews. I was shocked, how can a product thats so good have so much hate? From what I gather the longevity of this mascara seems to be a problem for some. With that being said I have worn this for well over 8 hours without any chipping or flaking issues. So if your looking for a 24 hour mascara you might want to try a longer lasting formula, but as a daily wearer this mascara works great.
No mascara review would be complete without an embarrassing, deer in headlights selfie!

If you haven't noticed I really, really love this product. I would even go as far as saying this is one of the best (if not the best) mascara I've ever tired. If your into volumized, full, fake looking lashes you need some Monster Lash XXL in your life. At $10.99 a pop this affordable mascara should be on everyones must try list. 

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