Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Eminence Firm Skin Targeted Treatment Review

"teenagers will give you grey hair, and babies will give you wrinkles" a quote said by just about every mother I know. I have to be honest I didn't buy into this 'myth' then I had a baby and my wrinkle situation hit me hard. Now I don't want to sound overly dramatic here, I'm just about to enter my 30's, I don't have crazy wrinkles, but I have definitely have my fair share of fine lines. So what is one to do? Let me introduce you to to Eminence Firm Skin Treatment.

Firm Skin Treatment. I'm no marketing expert Eminence, but this name of this treatment does not do it justice. Along with firming the skin this treatment also fights wrinkles, plumps the skin and has a generous helping of antioxidants. What I personally like is the fact that this uses a natural retinol because it gives all the anti-aging benefits one could ask for, but without the slightest irritation.

The next wonder ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which if you've read my skincare reviews you'll know has to be one of my all time favourite ingredients. Hyaluronic acid can work wonders for those with dehydrated skin, but in this treatment it works more of a plumping agent. The plumping effects of the  hyaluronic acid is complimented by the anti aging effects of snow algae extract... I know what your thinking, what the heck is snow algae extract? I know this because I too has no idea what it was. Snow algae extract is a fancy ingredient that is found in the Swiss Alps. Now harvested in labs this skincare ingredient is used to repair capillaries, smooth fine lines and reduces the loss of collagen.

I use this treatment on my problem areas (forehead and around eyes) after I apply my serum and before I apply my moisturizer. It's the perfect product to sandwich because it's lightweight cream texture doesn't interfere other products. If you haven't noticed by now there are many things I really like about this product like it's fruity berry scent, its long list of amazing ingredients, the firming effects, but also its hydrating, anti-aging and plumping effects too. Basically what I'm saying is if I had the opportunity to name this product I would call it Purple Berry Smoothie Line Reducing Skin Plumping Firming Treatment Suitable for All Skin Types, Ages and New Mom's... Come to think about it maybe Firm Skin Treatment has a better ring to it. 
Love this product you can find out where to buy it here!

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