Monday, May 30, 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker Review

One look at Lancome's new Juicy Shaker and I became obsessed. Actually there hasn't been a makeup product that has excited me as much as the Juicy Shaker in a long time. So when the Juicy Shaker hit stores you bet I was the first one at the counter to see the new product up close in person. With over 10 different colours (and scents), an armful of swatches and the Lancome Sales Associate giving me that 'just pick one already' look, I opted for Mango's Wild. 

Mango's Wild is a sheer, juicy fuchsia pink. Personally I thought this colour was a cute pick for the summer, but the truth is every colour in the range holds it's own. Actually I'm very tempted to go get Berry Love too! On the lips Lancome's Juicy Shaker's feel like a lightweight hydrating lip balm. The only down is the formula doesn't last long. With that being said with it's comfrotable sponge applicator and its tasty mango flavour I can't say I mind reapplying every couple of hours. 

Usually at this point I like to highlight ingredients but the truth is the thing that drew me into the Juicy Shaker was the packaging. Is it just me or how adorable would it be if you pulled this out of your purse during a summer cocktail party? However the juicy shaker is not only cute, because since this oil based product needs a good shake before use, its practical too. 

 While I sit there smiling, shaking my Juicy Shaker its a great reminder of just how fun makeup can be. So ladies do you need another lip product? I'm not sure, but if you wanted a lip product that is tons of fun I can't recommend the Juicy Shaker enough. 

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