Sunday, July 12, 2015

Feeling Rosy

My favourite thing todo on a sunday is to have a good pamper. On this particular Sunday I was craving something short, sweet and more specifically rose themed. So with some of my favourite rose scented/themed products on hand I thought why not give it a share. So ladies here are my some of my favourites for when I'm feeling rosy. 

Soap Stories Rose Scented Bath Bar 
Soap Stories Bath Bars/soaps are loaded with nourishing ingredients such as  jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. In addition they also are cruelty free, vegan and organic. However my favourite thing about this soap is the authentic rose scent. Not only does this leave you smelling like rose for hours, but also leaves your bathroom rose scented too. 
If your a fan of rose I highly recommend trying a bar (more information here). 

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk 
Yes, this is technically a peony scented lotion but I am convinced that there is rose somewhere in the mix too. This particular lotion is hydrating, but is also very light too. Its the kind of body product that is perfect for hot, humid summer days. 
I ended up with two samples of this lotion on a recent trip too L'Occitane. I highly suggest if your curious about a product head over to a L'Occitane store staff are very helpful and very generous with samples.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse in Rose on Rose 
Normally I don't end my beauty routines with makeup. With that being said since we are going out tonight I thought a touch of makeup wouldn't hurt. My lipstick of choice is L'Oreals Rose on Rose. Although I haven't had much luck with the other shades in this lip shine range I can whole heartedly say Rose on Rose has a solid long lasting, hydrating formula. 

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Blush in Rose 
I did a in-depth review here a few months ago, so I will keep this short and sweet. This blush is an excellent drugstore buy. Yes this product has an annoying gold overspray, but once that is removed you're left with a remarkable product. Personally I love the beautiful natural yet glow-y finish that this blush has. As for the colour... its the kind of pinky rose that instantly gives the face life. Stunning stuff!

Now I'm off to get this pamper routine started. 
What are some of your favourite rose products? 

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