Saturday, July 11, 2015

First Trimester Must Haves

There are telltale signs of being pregnant, for me my first symptom was my skin. Sometime around April I woke up to eczema on my forehead, which was soon followed by a couple of weeks of oily skin. This dry to oily skin pattern continued and even today I bounce back and forward weekly. In addition to my face fluctuating there have been some changes on the body care fount too. With all these changes, I thought why not just document them in an essentials post? So ladies and gents here are my first trimester beauty must haves.

Avene Cold Cream
Pregnancy hormones can do a number to your skin and one of my biggest problems is eczema. Luckily I have my good friend Cold Cream to combat this pesky inconvenience. Not only does this magical cream help calm down redness and irritation but it actually does a great job at restoring the skin too. I have used this product as an eczema spot treatment for years with miracle results and I continue to use and love this product today.
If you’re pregnant suffering from eczema this steroid-free treatment is well worth a try.
I have a whole review here.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser
Once I finally eczema at bay I am encountered with my other delightful skincare problem… oil. To combat this concern I use the Regenerating Cleanser. I love the fact that this cleanser/scrub helps control oil and breakouts yet doesn’t feel stripping in the slightest. In fact the Regenerating Cleanser makes the skin feel smooth and look luminous. While keeping spots and blackheads at bay I can truly say the Regenerating Cleanser is both natural and effective.
Review here!

La Vanilla Deodorant in Pure Vanilla  
Armpits, not a glamorous thing by any stretch so I will keep this sort and sweet! I have been using Pure Vanilla for years, however usually in the summer I like to mix things up with a regular deodorant/antiperspirant. After dabbling into the world of aluminum deodorants again … I noticed I was getting rashes. Let's put it this was...I now know that armpit sensitivity is a very real thing! Since then I switched back to my La Vanilla and haven’t had a problem since.

Bonus item- A Good Body Lotion
I think everyone should own a good body cream/lotion/butter, but there is something really special about splurging in good body care when you’re pregnant. My recent splurge lead me to Fresh’s Lemon Sugar Lotion and I am loving how lightweight it feels especially on hot summer days.  Plus the lemony scent is mouth-watering.

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