Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Beauty Favourites

While summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st I can safely say that it is starting to feel like summer. The trees are lush and green; the days are hotter and longer… I can also say that this is the season that most of us Canadians look forward too.  Without fail every summer I gravitate to some tried and true favourites. So what better time to start sharing these lovely products then now, right? Here are my summer favourites.

Stella Perfume 
I can’t think of a time of the year where I don’t desire the scent of rose. In the winter I like to stick to heavy dark rose scents that are often accompanied by patchouli. In the summer I still love rose but instead of dark I gravitate towards lighter perfumes… the first thing that comes to mind it Stella. Yes, this is a true rose scent but added to the mix is the notes of mandarin and peony. The overall effect of Stella is a youthful, fresh rose scent perfect for those hot summer days.

Clarins UV + HP SPF 40
My knock on most SPFs is that they start feeling greasy after a while. These greasy SPFs also tend to break apart foundation, block pores and be irritating to the skin. Then there is the Clarins! This is a huge claim, but to date this is the best daily sunscreen I’ve ever tried. Clarins UV+ HP is light weight absorbs into the skin with ease and packs a great deal sun protection at the same time. Because it’s light and non-greasy it makes it my go to for day to day wear.

Chanel Glossimer in Happy
Generally speaking Glossimer’s are one of the best lip products money can buy. Out of the bunch I’ve tried this fuchsia jelly gloss is by far the nicest. While this adds a stunning pink tint to the lips, the glossy finish just looks fresh for the summer. Glossy pink tinted lips, beach waves and a light dusting of bronzer… summer here I come.
I did a whole review on this lip gloss here, this item is now permanent and can be found at your local Chanel counter.
Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Wash
Every summer I flock to this range of products. My favourite among them all is the body wash. With the invigorating effects of Rosemary and the refreshing feel of mint nothing feels better on a hot summer’s day. I also like that this soap is mild enough for sensitive skin.

Ice cream, long weekends, campfires and s'mores I am so happy that summer almost among us. What are some of your summer go-to products, leave me a comment!

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  1. Nice picks! I always reach for my Stella perfume in summertime :)