Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Non-Powdery Powders

My first experience with powder foundation was not a good one. I distinctly remember this tragic incident...I was in high school and I thought that an orange, full coverage, mattifying powder would be a great idea. Was I ever wrong, not only was I an Umpa Lumpa shade of orange, but the texture of my skin looked like the ground of a dry desert. Years went by and I avoided power like the plague.
Maybe it was the internet, friends or magazines but eventually I craved a face powder once again. However unlike the last time I wanted something luminous, lightweight and very natural.  And so I was introduced to the world of non-powdery powders.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
I haven’t purchased this powder in a couple of years. With that being said it’s probably one of my most repurchased beauty products ever, so I had to mention it. MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish Natural is an excellent natural powder that can be used alone or on top of your foundation of choice. The finish of this powder looks like naked skin. So much so I would say this is invisible to naked eye (unless completely caked on). Unlike the other powders in the post this one probably has the most coverage out of the whole lot.
**I personally love this powder over a sheer tinted moisturizer, because it maintains luminosity while giving some extra coverage**

Guerlain Meteorites
To put things simply Meteorites add radiance to the skin while setting makeup. However unlike other glow inducing formulas Meteorites are by far the best I’ve ever encountered. I know that is a bold statement but trust me when I say this, these light weight, sparkle free, pearls make regular skin look like beautiful glowing skin. If you’re looking for a product to set your foundation while giving the illusion of healthy skin try Guerlain Meteorites.
**Meteorites can be worn over any foundation. With that being said I like that this gives an all day glow to fuller coverage foundations**

Chanel Le Beige
This is a powder truly meant for dry skin. It adds glow, a very sheer wash of colour and for those with a heavy hand the formula is impossible to over apply.  I did a whole review on this last year if you care to see it here. On the skin this doesn’t feel like a powder nor does it look like one either. 
** I honestly find this product a little too luminous for the summer. With that being said Le Beige is an excellent choice during the winter, especially when I am suffering from severely dry skin. **

Bourjois Silk Edition Powder  
If Chanel Le Beige and MAC’s Mineralized Skin finish had a baby this would be it. It’s kind of the best of worlds it’s more matte then the Chanel but more luminous then the MAC. On the other hand it’s less coverage then the MAC, yet more than the Chanel. As for the formula it melts into skin with ease and leaves your skin silky smooth. This is the most affordable powder on this list, yet it’s the one I can see many skin types gravitating towards, it’s easy to apply and just looks downright beautiful on.
** Applied with a sponge I love wearing this powder alone. This method is great for a quick natural no makeup, makeup look. However this powder applied with a brush works wonders to set foundation too. **  
What are some of your favourite non powdery powders?


  1. what a lovely bunch of product ! I would love to try the Chanel one .

    I am following you now , your blog is great :)

    1. Thank you for following my blog :)
      The Chanel is a great choice for dry skin types because it doesn't resemble a powder at all!

  2. Nice roundup! I've been wanting to try Les Beiges for a while now- the finish really does look lovely! My skin is oily, so I always start by applying a mattifying powder just on my oily spots, then finish with a soft, glowy powder like one of these. My current fave is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light :)


    1. Excellent tip Jen!
      I have wanted to try the ambient lighting powders since there release but haven't taken the plunge to purchasing.... Since I have hit pan on my Chanel, I can now justify another powder :)