Monday, March 30, 2015

Around the Home: Affordable Spring Touches

Lately I’ve been looking around the home and thinking “damn it sure is dark in here”. Granted our home doesn’t boast too much colour, but at the same time it needs a little spring pick me up. Staying true to our style and without breaking the bank, here are my some of my favourite inexpensive spring touches for the home.

Fresh Tulips
I love fresh flowers, but the bottom line is most of time they can be expensive. Then there are tulips! In my humble option nothing screams spring more than tulips and at $5.00 a bundle they are cost-effective too.

Kitchen Towels
Not only are dish towels practical, but can also add the perfect touch of color to your kitchen. Unable to rock a full-on Easter themed kitchen I settled for two pastel towels. A set 5 of the green cost me $7.00 and the blue and white was $1.99 for one.

Most of us have house plants and most the time house plants sit in the background of our homes. To make things more spring-y I have taken my house plants and brought them forward. For example my ivy plant which now sits on my coffee table. Cost free!!

Random thought… Mini Eggs also make a great inexpensive Easter themed decoration. Unfortunately Jay and I are unable to resist eating them all! 

These are inexpensive ways to spruce of the house for spring. Totally different post for me today, let me know if you would like more design themed posts.
What are some of your favourite ways to decorate for spring, leave me a comment!

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