Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Best Beauty Oil’s

If you would have told me 10 years ago that putting oil on your face, body or hair was a good idea, I would have thought you were crazy. These days I am an oil advocate and I use at least one kind of beauty oil every day. So with a handful different beauty oils I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.

Aveda Composition Oil's
I have two of these the Beautifying and Active, both are brilliant and for two very different reasons.
Beautifying Oil is a perfect bedside product because it smells relaxing and it’s amazingly multitasking. Actually, out of the two oils I can say I use the Beautifying more. This does-just-about-everything oil has more than 8 different uses such as, a bath soak, aromatherapy oil, skin oil, body oil, message oil, cuticle oil, food moisturizer and scalp conditioner. 
Active Oil is a minty oil that is perfect at soothing sore muscles. I went on a snowboarding trip last year and this oil was my saving grace. Recently I have discovered that this oil helps decongest colds too.

NUXE Oil Prodigieuse
NUXE Oil Prodigieuse is a fantastic multipurpose oil, perfect for the face, skin and hair. Unlike other oils this one has beautiful dry texture to it, which means all the nourishment you need but without that greasy texture. I personally love this oil used as a body moisturizer because of its dry, non-sticky finish. For more information click here!

Clarins Rebalancing Oils
Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is a fantastic choice for dry skin, sensitive or aging skin. If I ever have severely dry, chapped/winter skin this is one of my must haves. Fear not ladies Clarins has Rebalancing Oil’s for every skin types, so its definitely worth checking out.

 Plamers Skin Therapy Oil
With anti-aging, hydration and brightening benefits you would think this oil would cost a fortune.
Not only are the ingredients good, the actual product itself feels amazing on the skin. I have an depth review here. Palmers has my pick for being one of the best drugstore options out there.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil
This cult shower oil was something I wanted to try for years and now that I have I am hooked. This leaves my skin more hydrated and more soft then any other shower product I've ever tried, plus it has the added benefit of smelling delicious too.
Works better then anything I've tried ever as a shaving gel too!

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil
Shower oil, aromatherapy oils, facial oils, body oils and now lip oils... With its huge applicator and hydrating properties Clarins lip comfort oil is addictive. Again I have a whole review dedicated to this gem right here.

What are some of your favourite oils? leave me a comment! 


  1. I absolutely love Aveda's oils and even more their essential oils for aroma therapy. What would I do without them!

    1. Aroma therapy oils you say!!!
      Which reminds me I really need to try more from Aveda...
      Thank you for visiting and commenting

  2. Nice roundup! I'm the same- 10 years ago I was terrified of oils, as I have oilier skin. But now I'm all about them! I'm so eager to try the Clarins lip oil and you keep tempting me with the Aveda and Clarins face oils ;)


    1. Sorry to be such a temptation Jen, with that being said they both are really really good.
      Thank you for visiting.

  3. Oils are really good for your hair and skin. I like to use olive oil it also works as a great makeup remover :)

  4. I need to try this out!
    Thank you for the suggestion :)