Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Things to Try THE FACE SHOP

The Face Shop is Korean brand that seems to be just about everywhere right now. Their eye catching products are not only adorable, but feature some unique innovations at affordable prices. Over the past year I’ve tried at least a dozen of The Face Shop products some bad, some good and some in that “you need to buy this now” category.  With my top three products all under $5.00 I am ecstatic to share with these today.

Cotton Pads
For years I was hooked to the very expensive Shiseido cotton.  I have to say a package Shiseido cotton lasts for a while and the cotton itself is undeniably soft, but at $11.00 a pop it seemed to be a rather spendy purchase.  So quests for cheaper cotton lead me to The Face Shop…
At only $3.00 a pack I have to say not only is this bargain, but the cotton itself is really soft and feels luxurious on the skin.  Unlike the Shiseido layered cotton The Face Shop features edges that are stuck together making the cotton less prone to fall apart.

Hyaluronic Face Mask
If you have dehydrated or dry skin this will be your best friend. For $2.00 a pop you get a generous dose of hydration that will leave your skin noticeably glowing, hydrated and plump. For only a couple of bucks I don’t think you can do anything better for your skin. If you don’t have dehydrated skin this is literally a wall of face masks suitable for every skin type at The Face Shop.

Design My Eye Brow
 When I started running out of this and realized my local Face Shop was sold out I went into full on panic mode. Yes, I am absolutly crazy about this pencil I just love how natural it looks. I also happen to love the convenient spooly brush and I love the slanted tip pencil, oh yeah I love the price too. Come to think about it I love the moustache logo on the packaging, even though I can't make sense of it.  Its one of the very few eye brow products you can apply in seconds and it still manages to look good. Now with 2 back ups on hand I don't dare go without. As for the price Design My Eye Brow is only $4.00 and out it performs any high-end eyebrow pencil I've tried to date. 

Yes people there you have it my top 3 products from The Face Shop. What are some of your favourite products from The Face Shop? leave me a comment. 

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  1. I have heard great things about the Face Shop brow pencil- my friend loves it too! And I definitely have to try those facial cottons :) Have a great weekend, Tanya! xo