Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Favourites

February might be the month of love but for me it was also the month of frigid cold temperatures, dry skin, chapped lips and static-y hair. I can literally whine about the weather all day but I will spare you the discomfort and leave you with this revelation … I am always amazed to see how seasons reflects the beauty product’s I like. So with that dry arctic air here and moisturizing on the mind here are my February favourites.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil
Even with my team of nourishing lip products it was a struggle to keep my lips hydrated.  However after reading one good review after another I was compelled to purchase.  Clarins Lip Comfort Oil hydrates, soothes, plums and lasts for hours on your lips. With some days this reaching the -40 mark and my lips looking unscathed I would say this has endured the ultimate test.  For a more in depth review I would highly suggest you check out my full review here.

Patyka Biokaliftin Repair Face Cream
Patyka is a luxury brand that focuses on being natural and organic. This duel daytime, nighttime moisturizer intended for those with sensitive, dehydrated or more mature skin types. Boasting hyaluronic acid and oat polysaccharides Biokaliftin helps plump, hydrate and reduce redness. 
The very first time I used this I had that I "yesss" moment and I still continue to get that feeling same level of excitement within each application. A moisturizer of this caliber definitely needs a review of its own, so be on the look out for that. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 
I finally repurchased this and now I remember why I consider this to be my all time favourite foundation. It's hydrating, dewy, offers just the right coverage but looks completely undetectable on the skin. If you have dry skin and notice every foundation clinging to dry areas try the Bourjois it does not disappoint. 
I did a whole summery of why I love this so much here

Avene Xera Calm AD 
This will be an over share but its been so cold and dry that my skin has literally arms broken into dry patches and my chest has broken into hives. TMI I know, but I'm sure there are many of you out there with similar stories. My answer to intolerant skin is Avene's Xera Calm Ad. This soothing, ultra moisturizing body cream helps not only calm itching but it helps nourish dry areas too. While giving a much needed boost of moisture this it doesn't leave the skin greasy in the slightest. 

Random tip- If you are suffering from really dry, itchy, intolrant skin my advice is to avoid anything with perfumes, or harsh chemicals and stick with basic gentle, nourishing products. 

I tried some fun products this month and even introduced some spring-y selections into my makeup routine. However what really shined for me wasn't that spring pink lipstick nor that easter pastel polish. No ladies, this month for me was all about hydration, hydration and more hydration. What products have you been loving this month, leave me a comment. 


  1. my skin has been so dry and irritated, so switching to natural makeup and skin care has made such a difference! Definitely going to check some of these out!

  2. Ooh, I've been curious to try Patyka! The cream sounds lovely :)


  3. Amazing favourites, Ive heard so much about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

    1. Its a great foundation especially if you have dry skin.