Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brands That I Forgot

After reminiscing high school memories with an old friend the subject of makeup came up. Yes, I was that awkward teenager that was guilty of rocking rainbow colour shadows, colouring my hair just about every shade possible and wearing colourful studded belts. After having a few good laughs I came to the realization that I have been wearing makeup on the regular for almost 15 years! It’s no surprise that in those 15 years not only have my preferences changed but the brands I use. 

At one point I would have been able to tell you that Benefit was my all-time favorite brand. Like many what first attracted me to Benefit was there cute packaging and fun approach to beauty. Among my favorite products was the Eyecon eye cream, Dandelion Blush and High Beam high lighter. Also bonus points if you remember there amazing matte eye shadow singles. 
My time away from Benefit isn't just because one specific thing. There foundations and powders are to dark, while there sets are always to bulky and at times there products seem a little to gimmicky.  Although I don't purchase much from Benefit every time they release a new product I still get excited to read reviews.

I use to be MAC obsessed. For years I followed each of there collections and even knew the MAC girls at my local counter. Crazy right? Honestly though these days MAC is a brand that I tend to stray from. The MAC I use to love had beautifully crafted products, believed in artistry and had note worthy collections. These days I find MAC pumps out so many limited edition products that quality and artistry seem to go out the door. I also find that the limited edition collections over shadow some of the cult worthy products in there core range. Even my the packaging has changed over the years. Maybe I'm not being welcoming to change but its a brand that feels and looks very different to the brand I fell in love with. 

I think its natural that as we age not only do our looks change but the actual brands we use.  
What brands have you forgotten over the years?  leave me a comment? 

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  1. When I first got into makeup I thought MAC was top notch, but I quickly realized that most of MAC collections are lack luster :/