Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday The Beauty Upkeep

I love the world of beauty. There are constantly new products being realised and amazing reviews being posted. However, just when we thought everything was fun and games we get hit by the reminder … the beauty upkeep reminder that is. So with my favorite playlist playing and a tea close by here is my list of today's daunting beauty tasks.

Washing Brushes
I hate washing my brushes! I mean if we really think about it we have cutting edge anti-aging moisturizers but we don’t have self-cleaning brushes … crazy!  Beauty innovations aside we all know makeup brushes must be cleaned on the regular. Not only do clean brushes make makeup application easier but brushes can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria can mean a slew of bad things such as eye infections, rashes, pimples etc.
Years ago I use to kill… I mean clean my makeup brushes with alcohol. This quick fix cleaning method left me with dry, brittle brushes which eventually caused them to shed, fray and loose shape. These days I’m much more careful with my brushes so I opt for a gentle cleansing yet hydrating soap like the Dr. Bronners Magic Soap in the Unscented Mild Baby formula. Yes this method undeniably takes longer but it leaves my brushes soft, clean and ready to use.

Eyebrow Maintenance   
 I suppose this is a self-inflicted upkeep because I could just go and get them threaded or waxed. My thoughts on getting someone to do my eye brows changed after unexpectedly getting pencil thin brows years ago, then the esthetician telling me my thick brows were ugly. Horrible experiences… now I just do them myself. To avoid over plucking I never use a magnified mirror, nor do I pluck above the eye brow. I literally just pluck the stray hairs and let my natural shape shine.  Annoying task but it must be done…

Cleaning Out and Organization
My makeup collection is a revolving door of products. You can bet as soon as something new comes in something old leaves. All my favorite commonly used products stay in my vanity while un-loved staples end up in my back flow drawers. As for the rest it goes to my friends and family or in the garbage if it’s expired… I love cleaning out my collection because I feel more organized. On the other hand I hate it, it throwing out an old tube of lipstick that I paid full price for makes me realize I’m wasting money. I hate wasting money!

Between plucking eye brows to washing brushes sometimes the world of beauty is not so glamorous.What are some of your dreaded beauty tasks? leave me a comment!

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  1. I really need to clean my make up brushes and soon .
    I just had a clearout at the weekend too and it made me feel soooo much better . xox