Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Around the Tub

After moving into our house 6 months ago, I can proudly say I love our bathroom. Not only is it bigger than our previous bathroom but the separate shower and tub combination is something I never thought I would enjoy as much as I do. As I have been taking more baths then ever I have naturally been purchasing more bath products then ever. So here are some products that I keep around the tub.

Fresh Sugar Lemon Sugarbath
These fizzy bath cubes are a good zingy option for morning bathers. As I am a night time bather I find these a little too invigorating in contrast to my soothing night time scents. Don’t get me wrong I love lemon everything but I find I don’t reach for this as often as I should. There is nothing wrong with these cubes but my next high end bath purchase will be something a little more in the vanilla soothing category.

The Body Shop Bath Jelly in Vanilla Brulee
I reach for this bubble bath all the time, like well over 10 times and it boggles my mind that I still have half left... Bubble magic! Seriously this is really good stuff, the bubbles last forever in the tub, it leaves your skin soft but best of all it smells seriously indulgent. This limited edition product comes highly recommended!
On a side note, I would check your local Body Shop to see if they have any left over from Christmas.

NUXE Oil Prodigieuse
This lovely scented multipurpose oil is perfect for hair, body and face. However a couple of squirts into the bath is another great use for this luxurious oil. It makes regular bath water smell divine and leaves your skin baby soft.

Blithe and Bonny Honey Almond Bath Salts
I have to be honest I have never heard of this brand before. However between the packaging and the scent alone I was compelled to make a purchase. This Epsom salt based product is amazing at treating tired muscles and the scent is a really nice sweet almond, soothing vanilla sort of smell. If I take a bath before bed this is my calming, comforting go to!

I am digging this whole bath thing and thoroughly look forward to relaxing in the tub.
New to the bath game what are some of your recommendations?


  1. Ohh you have such a elegant and gorgeous collection of bath products! ^ ^


  2. Oooo they sounds amazing :)
    I am a new fan of NUXE too. xox


  3. Lovely picks, girl! The vanilla range from the Body Shop smells amazing and I definitely need that Nuxe oil :)



    1. It's so amazing, it has to be my most reached bath/body product ever.
      You will love it and Shoppers Drugmart sometimes has them on sale.
      For example this bottle here I picked up for $25.99

  4. goodness that Nuxe Oil sounds decadent! I waaaant. How does it perform as a daily perfume oil?

    1. If your into mild fragrances or work in a no perfume zone the NUXE would be a good option.
      Personally I love the scent of this oil but it honestly don't last that long on my skin.
      thank for visiting :)

  5. I have a few of the Creme Brûlée products and it smells scummy!! xx