Saturday, January 17, 2015

Miracle 10 AHA Cream

We all know regular exfoliation routine is critical to beautiful youthful looking skin. I use to think that exfoliation was done only gritty physical scrubs. To be honest if you would have told me to exfoliate with an acid 10 years ago I would have asked you if you were crazy. How naive I was…
In reality chemical exfoliators are nothing to fear and actually can be more gentle then there gritty counterparts.

Drum roll please…

New to my exfoliation routine is the addition of Miracle 10’s AHA Cream. While I have tried chemical exfoliates in the form of toners and cleansers adding a cream in the dead of winter made sense to me. This AHA cream is a lactic acid based moisturizer. The lactic acid slowly eats away at dead skin cells leaving you with fresh, brand new skin. Yes, this sounds gross but it’s completely painless! 

As an added benefit the good people at Miracle 10 have added anti-oxidants and (my favorite skincare ingredient) hyaluronic acid to the mix. So in practice this AHA cream is both exfoliating yet hydrating making it suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. 

Unlike anything I’ve ever tried this nourishing exfoliator makes my skin look bright, radiant and perfectally hydrated all at the same time.  Kind of makes me wonder why haven’t more brands caught on? Without any irritation but with all the skincare benefits of exfoliating and moisturizing I can’t recommend the AHA Cream enough.  


  1. Sounds like such a great multi-tasking cream! Glad you're liking it :)


  2. Sounds good to me. xox

    1. This girl will take all the multitasking she can get :)