Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mastering the Makeup Counter

Going to a makeup counter can be absolutely horrifying. While the majority of the beauty employees are helpful, kind and beauty enthusiasts just like us, there are some that ruin a really good thing. As someone who use to work on a beauty counter I can say can honestly say I've seen service ranging from amazing to just downright rude. So here are my top tips to remember when buying makeup. 

Employee Kick Backs 
Sometimes brands have employee incentives when they sell a certain item. These can range from a bonus of money to free product, it depends on the brand. If you notice yourself being persuaded to purchase something you don't want stick to your guns and get what you do want. 

Ask for Samples
Companies provide makeup counters with samples to give to customers. So if you have a genuine interest in a product there is nothing wrong with asking for a sample. Some companies don’t send enough samples to counters. So if the sales associate says there’s no samples take her word for it. Remember when asking for these prized minis to never be pushy or rude…

Have a question? Ask!
If you want to learn what the hottest lip colour for spring is or if you want to master the smoky eye ask. If you like an associate’s lip colour, ask what it is! There is nothing wrong with asking questions and many of the women and men working in cosmetics have been trained accordingly to answer them.

Get to know the product. 
Always, always, always swatch a product before buying it. Chances are if you try something in a store and you’re not sold on the quality you’re probably not going to like it when you come home. 
If you can't swatch in a store look online for swatches and reviews. 
For skincare, I would also recommend trying it on the back of your hand. When trying  skincare keep in mind texture and scent.

Bottom line...
 Shit Service Go Somewhere Else 
In many department stores employees are offered commission for each product they sell. If you are not satisfied with the service from that particular store take your money somewhere else. 

I have tons of friends and family who dread going to the makeup counter. Actually even though I’ve worked in the industry I can sometimes dislike it too. But beauty world is changing my friends! Gone are the days of snotty statuesque women standing behind a glass counters refusing to give service to anyone under the age of 35. With stores like Sephora and more open concept counters companies want you to touch, feel and play with their products. So the next time you fear the Chanel counter remember these tips to ensure the best beauty experience possible.


  1. What a great post , I totally avoid the counters as I feel pushed into a product and I didn;t realise you could ask for samples either . xox

    1. Same... pushy rude sales people ruin good fun for us beauty enthusiasts.
      You can absolutely ask for samples... most times sales reps will be happy to give them out too!

  2. this post is so helpful! I'm always hesitant to ask for help nor do I know what to do when I feel a bit harassed. Since I live so far away from a decent mall, I end up doing most of my shopping online and in the rare case where I need to return something, I rush over and get it over with. Though, there's something nice about just shopping around and trying on products and I'd really love to get back into it

    1. I am in the same situation... Sephora being so far from where I live I feel like I am awe of all the makeup. With that being said if the service is bad I swatch at the store and purchase online. Thanks for the lovely comment :)