Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Actual No Makeup, Makeup

 A new trend this upcoming spring season has to be the no makeup look, seen at shows like Alexander Wang and Mark Jacobs. The no makeup look has been done time and time again, but not like what we’ve seen for the upcoming spring. Literally these fresh faced models look like they’re not wearing an ounce of makeup. As easy as no-makeup looks it’s a hard one to master. So here are my tips and tricks to looking mastering the bare face yet steering clear from that disheveled “I just woke up” look.

A Non-Makeup Base
There are a wack of perfecting bases out there that are impeccable at mattifying skin and others that work wonders at hydration. Oily skinned girls I highly recommend using your favorite mattifying primer to blur out pores and to control oil production. For my dry skin sisters my favorite option is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This creamy skin perfector not only hydrates, but it naturally illuminates, tightens and diminishes redness. If you were looking for a makeup free base Beauty Flash Balm is your girl!

There is a difference between no makeup and looking like you just woke up. Basically what I am saying is if you want to look bare skinned but still pulled together concealer is your best friend. For me my area of concern is my dark circles. A great natural brightening, light-weight concealer is the Clinique Air Brush Concealer.  Unlike other concealers this one looks like skin and doesn’t settle into fine lines too.
If you have spots I would suggest using concealer sparingly where you need it.

Facial Mist
How do models get luminous dewy looking skin? Facial Mists!
I love keeping a facial mist handy to freshen up my skin. While they physically add a glow to the skin many are packed with great ingredients to help nourish the skin. The one I am using right now is the Caudalie Grape Water mist. Made from 100% plant water this mist soothes, refreshes and hydrates all at the same time.

Don’t have a facial mist, no worries! Use your favorite toner in a spray bottle and mist as you go. Not only does this give you that dewy look but also has great skincare benefits.

I didn’t see any of the models wear an ounce of mascara, which is fine and dandy. However, I am not a model and I don’t treat life like a runway, well I wish I did, but what I am saying is give me the freaken mascara.  The mascara I happen to be using right now is the Guerlain Maxi Lash. 
I think it’s important when replicating any makeup trend to stay true to your beauty roots. If this means eye lashes, do it!

Lip Balm
What looks more natural on the lips then lip balm? My personal favorite at the moment is the NUXE Reve De Miel moisturizing stick. I love the potted Reve De Miel before bed however I love the convenience of the tube during the day. There are a ton of great lip balms out there and a no makeup look is a perfect excuse to give your lips a little TLC throughout the day.

There we have 5 products to achieving that barely there makeup look. What is great about this actual no makeup look is 1. It’s on trend, 2. It takes barely any makeup ability and 3. It’s perfect for rushed mornings. Quick, easy simple makeup is totally up my alley now I just have the ability to call it “on trend”.
What are some of your favorite beauty trends leave me a comment!  


  1. Great tips! For my "no makeup" looks I like using a tinted brow gel on my lashes, much more subtle on my blonde lashes :)

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. great tip!!!!
      I am totally going to do this ;)

  2. Great tips, I really want to try this Clarins beauty balm xx

    1. its an excellent product, you can even use it as a mask too!