Sunday, November 23, 2014

3 Things

Three things I am currently obsessed with....

The pastry that is!
I remember growing up and my grandmothers whipping up a batch of these each christmas. Darn I have to give the ladies credit because these are a pain in the butt to make. I wouldn't consider them difficult they are just VERY time consuming. For my peaches I opted for a non-traditional approach and left them white. Again deviating from the traditional recipe filled them with Peach Cobbler preserves and gave them a gentle dip in a bourbon vanilla simple syrup. I think the taste is there next time I would just make them smaller. I feel like my look like boulders in comparison to other dainty versions I've scene. 
Must get this recipe down pact before christmas... 

Four O'Clock Banana Cinnamon Spice Tea
If you love banana bread you will be a fan of this yummy tea. With hints of banana, cinnamon, ginger  and clove this tea smells and tastes like a decadent dessert. This is one of Four O'Clocks limited edition Christmas tea's so if you see these around I highly suggest you try them. I get a little crazy with these and buy a few boxes around christmas times so I can enjoy them all year. 

Marshmallow Fireside 
Darn this candle is out of this world amazing. I kind of think Bath and Body Works push the envelope with this one, because on one half its vanilla marshmallow sweet meets smokey campfire warm. 
The two contrasting scents make a room smell amazingly warm and festive. Personally I dislike typical pine scented christmas candles, so I am happy to have something festive yet not pine scented. 

Kind of a different post for me let me know if you would like to see more of these?
Also leave me a comment I would love to know what some of your other favourites are? 


  1. Nice post, the pastry looks lovely!!

  2. ooo that tea sounds amazing ... lovely pictures xox

    1. thank you!
      They also make a Mint Truffle tea that is amazing too!