Friday, November 21, 2014

3 Things To Try Clarins

In my late teens I would have told you Clarins was boring. I plainly remember visiting a department store and thinking to myself “who would buy Clarins?” While I credit myself for using skincare from a young age I eventually settled with a gimmicky eye cream that did not work and irritated my eyes.

My next memory of Clarins was while working in cosmetics. At this point I knew about Clarins but what surprised me was how many women and men swore by their range of products. Even fellow co-workers would spurge on Clarins even thou they would get free product from the respective brands. The Chanel lady would purchase the Vital Light line as where the MAC people swore by their Clarins re-balancing oils. Between trying out there makeup and skincare to learning more about the brand I am a complete Clarins fan. Like Avène and NUXE, Clarins is a line that does not disappoint and within each product I try I fall a little more in love.  With that being said here are my three things to try from Clarins.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
I am very open about my love for this fantastic cleansing gel. I honestly don’t shut up about it; I’ve recommended this to friends, family and yes even strangers! It’s gentle, leaves your baby soft, contains no nasty ingredients, smells nice, removes all traces of makeup, smells nice and it’s affordable.  I always forget to add but this neutralizes hard water making it perfect for us non-city girls and cottage goers.
Basically Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel has got it going on! I did a whole review on this here if you’re interested.

Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil
Back in my cosmetics days I vividly remember this lady that use to come in every 2 months or so and purchase on of of these. Before she would leave she would always confess that she “couldn’t live without this” and thank us gratefully for our help.  
One night while closing a co-worker secretly came to the counter and asked to purchase a bottle. He also claimed nothing worked better for his skin and whispered the brand he worked for did not come close to the results of Clarins. Eventually I noticed, the manager of The Body Shop, an associate from Lush all claimed that the rebalancing oils were life changing, from that point on I gave in.  
My parched skin lead me to the Blue Orchid oil. The Blue Orchid oil is ideal for dehydrated skin types, however it also works wonders on more mature skin types too. With patchouli, rosewood, blue orchid and hazelnut oils you can be assured this not only smells amazing but works miracles too. 
Seriously, this has worked wonders on my winter moisture deprived skin and my eczema too. I love the hydration, the scent, the soothing but most of all I love how amazing soft this leaves my skin. 
Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is a product I can't life without and a product that comes highly recommend too. 

Beauty Flash Balm 
Before I tried this infamous Clarins product I heard buzz that this was "a face lift in a bottle", "sleep in a tube" and more times then not people claim this is there "miracle" product. 
Usually I don't buy into things that sound to good to be true but unlike others Beauty Flash Balm lives up to the hype. 
The first thing you will notice about Beauty Flash Balm is just how amazing  your skin will immediately look. Fine sagging become tight, skin instantly look more awake and luminous and right off the bat your skin feels hydrated. 
Personally I like using Beauty Flash Balm as a makeup primer. Not only does this help extend the longevity of my foundation but this also helps my skin look luminous, feel moisturized and gives my skin an more even tone. Beauty Flash Balm is a totally unique product to the Clarins line, suitable for every age and skin type. 
On a side note it smells pretty darn amazing, heals spots and you can use it as a plumping face mask too. If you haven't tried Beauty Flash Balm do because it is out of this world amazing. 

There you have it my 3 products you need to try from Clarins. What are your favourite Clarins product's leave me a comment?


  1. Great post! I felt the exact same way about Clarins for the longest time, but now they're one of my fav brands! I cannot live without the Blue Orchid Oil, it's a must!

    1. It truly is amazing...
      My winter skin could not do without.

  2. Love this post so informative and Clarins is always a product I have wanted to try but never knew were to start. Will definitely have to try out the Beauty Flash Balm it sound amazing x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Beauty Flash Balm is such a miracle worker.
      It's beautiful even worn alone.
      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I really like Clarins' Facial Lift "lipo-drain" serum, and I also really enjoy some of their makeup, particularly their Everlasting foundation and blushes.

    Beauty Loon

    1. Great recommendations ...
      Thank you for commenting :)

  4. Lovely picks, Tanya! I've heard nothing but great things about that face oil. Must give it a go sometime soon :)


    1. I highly highly recommend they have an oil for each skin type too!