Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NSPA Hot Cloth Polish

Like most teenagers I suffered from sensitive acne prone skin. At the time I remember being recommended strong salicylic based products that temporarily helped my acne but dried the heck out of my skin. Actually, I kind of think that is partially the reason why my skin is so sensitive today. If you didn’t fall into the anti-aging or acne-prone skin ranges there really wasn’t much out there for you.  Over the past couple of years drugstore skincare has done a 180. We now see product’s for multi skin concerns, new brands, cutting edge ingredients and product’s that follow the newest skincare trends. One of these new drugstore skincare offerings in Canada is NSPA.

Sold at Wall Mart, NSPA carries skincare, bath & body care and mother–to-be product ranges. Although this brand is new to us here in Canada it has a strong 25 year history. Among there line up of interesting products was this Hot Cloth Polish. The whole hot cloth cleansing fad began with famous Liz Earl but expensive cleanser.  A hot cloth cleanse basically involves a thick cream cleanser that is to nourish the face while removing makeup and dirt. The cream is then removed by a hot muslin cloth which helps not only remove the cream cleanser but also helps physically exfoliate the face.
In my humble opinion I think this works best as the first step to a double cleanse routine. The first step exfoliates, nourishes and removes make up, while the second step aims to really give your skin a good clean.

Okay here is the thing I’ve never tried the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser. Actually the closest thing I’ve gotten to this trend is THEFACESHOP’s Mango Seed cleanser, which is similar is texture. However even with my limited experience in the “hot cloth” world I can safely say the NSPA kicks some serious ass.  NSPA’s buttery cleanser is conveniently dispensed by a pump, which a winning quality because it’s shower friendly without getting swampy.
Yes, swampy…. shower water + potted product = some seriously questionable stuff.

This creamy formula is comprised of cocoa butter and almond oil which makes it ultra-hydrating and perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. As thick as the formula is its really easy to work into the face and gentle enough for the eye area too. If you wear a lot of eye makeup or water proof mascara this might as well be your best friend because it melts makeup off like a dream.

NSPA’s Hot Cloth Cleanser makes my skin oh- so very happy. With miracle ingredient vitamin E it makes my skin appear brighter and luminous. This also contains Neroli Oil which aids in cellular regeneration. So for those of us who suffer from acne scares or hyper pigmentation you might want to give this a go.

I love this cleanser if you haven’t noticed… The woodsy scent, the quality of ingredients, the results, the packaging heck I even love the muslin cloth it comes with. NSPAS $14.00 Hot Cloth Polish is undeniably luxurious, but without the posh price tag. For a while I gave up on drugstore skincare but NSPA’s Hot Cloth Cleanser is a testament that cutting edge, amazing products can be found at any price point.


  1. This is a great review, I wonder if we can get it over in UK!?


  2. Yup!
    I actually think the UK might have a bigger selection then we do here in Canada.