Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chanel Ombre Contraste Duo

Two summers ago Chanel released the most amazing summer collection ever (in my humble option). With really bright oranges contrasting nude-y gold’s this was a summer collection to remember. Right off the bat I was drawn to the nude shadow duo and the summer nail colors  In a perfect world I would have purchased everything but in reality I settled for a one nail polish. I might be a little beauty obsessed but even though I left the shadows behind the perfect duo never escaped my mind. Eventually my local Chanel counter sold out, and the duo was no longer to be found. 

My Mom told me "good things happen to those who wait"
At the time I didn't know this valuable life lesson applied to limited edition Chanel products.

On a trip to Winners I was shocked to see so many Chanel goodies hanging around the beauty department. The next thing I knew the clouds parted and the angels called and I was reunited with my long lost limited edition duo. Dramatic you say? VERY, especially since the price was knocked down to $26.00 from the regular $50.00!

Good deals and fate aside this duo is amazing. Sable is a beautiful warm brown but almost bronze shade. This pretty color works wonders at defining the crease. Yet the slight bronze shimmer makes interesting enough to be worn alone too. 

 Emouvant is a warm toned beige that has golden undertone. I don't usually get excited about light nude colours, but I have to hand it to this one its down right stunning. It's buttery texture and slight golden shimmer makes this shade something worth getting excited for.

Both shades are incredibly pigmented, buttery in texture and wear for hours. The thing I love most about this is both shades work extremely well together. On the other hand both colours are unique enough to be worn alone. 

Even the small fancy lacquered pallet is something worth smiling for.
If you couldn't tell I am completely and whole-heartedly smitten with my Chanel purchase. 

This universally flattering duo should be in everyone’s makeup stash. This was first released in 2010 then again in 2012 so perhaps it might pop up in an upcoming collection. Basically what I am getting to is if you see this get it.


  1. That is such a good deal!!! I am defs going to head to the Winners near my house soon to see if they have that. The colours look gorgeous, and for such a good price! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. What a gorgeous duo! The warm neutrals are right up my alley :)



    1. Thanks for the comment Jen.
      I have definitely been enjoying these two over the past month.