Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pomegranate Noir Room Spray

I never knew the luxurious Shiseido facial cotton could be so good, nor was I expecting to love Guerlain’s $53.00 Rouge G’s as much as I do. Sometimes luxurious products are so good that they are revolutionary. So ladies put that bottle of Febreze down here is my escapade into the fancy world of fine room fragrance.

My first experience in the world of luxury home fragrance was with Dyptique. Out of the two pristinely packaged candles I bought one was a hit and the other was a horrible miss. On the fence about Dyptique and quite happy with BBW’s Leaves I was not looking into purchasing another lavish candle, home scent diffuser or anything like that.  

Then Jo Malone happened!

Let’s keep it real, $60.00 for a room spray is absolutely crazy. I don’t live a life of luxury, I don’t own a private jet nor do have a closet full of Louis Vuitton… I am a normal girl. Sure I have nice things, but the nice things I do have I save up for. However, I am not kidding you Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir room spray is worth saving your nickels and dimes.

Pomegranate Noir smells like tart pomegranate meets the heady patchouli. The overall effect is sweet yet masculine, combined with a whole lot of sexy. Wholeheartedly the Room Spray stands up to the regular perfume. There’s none of that watered down-ness or strong chemical filler it’s just full on Pomegranate Noir. 

The most surprising part is the longevity of this.

 This is going to sound a little sales pitchy but …
With only a couple of spray’s you can enjoy a 3 hour scent journey with Pomegranate Noir.
Yes 3 hours!  So while this is expensive you need so little that in reality one of these huge bottle will last you a long time. I have been using this in our bedroom and living room almost every day and the bottle barely looks touched.

For me this is one of those pricey items that is so revolutionary it's worth the price tag. If you enjoy Pomegranate Noir you will go mad for this. Jo Malone also has an assortment of other famous scents done for their room spray line. The quality of fragrance, the amount or product and the longevity really make this worth its money.  It’s like your favorite perfume in the comfort of your living room!


  1. damn honey, $60 for a room spray?? Though, I'll take your word for it! Might want to try the perfume first before splurging on a room spray!

    1. Crazy I know!
      But with a couple of sprays my room is left smelling good for hours.
      I agree I think you should really test these out before purchasing.
      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Ah, so luxurious! Not sure if I could part with that much for a room spray, but the Pomegranate Noir scent really is lovely :)


    1. I love Pomegranate Noir...
      I know very spendy of me but its just so darn nice.
      Thanks for visiting :)