Friday, October 17, 2014

Birthday Haul

With a handful of anti-aging products and the other handful of white wine I am another year older today. Well it’s more like yesterday but you know what I mean. Always being the one to love a good haul I thought I should do a birthday haul, after all this is a beauty blog. So all bragging aside I thought I would share some goodies I got/ I bought for my birthday.

Caudalie Grape Water
Surprisingly I have not tried much from Caudalie, which is strange because there product’s seem to be right up my alley. Good ingredients , yup… Sensitive skin friendly, yup…
Made from at a vineyard some where in France … yup! 
So my first dabble with the brand is this Grape Water spray. I’ve tried it a few times and it feels pretty darn amazing on the skin.  

Hourglass Ambient Blush Pallet
When these were first released I made a promise not to read any reviews or even swatch them in the store. If you’ve read my blush tag (here) you will know I have too many blushes. I’m pretty much a blush addict. Then the pallet came out and my heart stopped, the clouds parted and I got it for my birthday. I really want to do some more testing before giving this a detailed review but damn these are some bewilderingly breath-taking blushes.

Sephora Birthday Gift
I love mascara samples! Not only do they last for a long time but they truly give you feel if you’re going to like the product or not. Also added to the gift was pretty Makeup Forever mini lipstick. I have yet to try any Makeup Forever lip products so I am excited to try this out too!
On a side note they should really start selling lipstick mini’s, it’s a perfect way to try a lipstick shade without committing to a whole tube. 

Karma Bubble Bar
I love Lush and use to actually use a lot of their products. Granted at the time I use to live by a Lush store and at the moment the closest one to me is almost an hour away. So like most long distance love affairs Lush and I grew apart.  Sad... I know!
So when I passed a Lush store this weekend I knew I needed to pick up some old favorites of mine. First favorite is the Karma Bubble bar. Second to my love of bubble bath’s is my love for the Karma scent. If your into patchouli and citrus this might be a scent for you.
 I love this stuff but can some of you lush addict’s answer me this did the prices go up recently on these? And did these get smaller?

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap
The first thing I ever tried from Lush was this very soap and to this day I still find it just as yummy. Honey I Washed the Kids smells like honey and toffee and you might be tempted to eat it. You shouldn’t eat it because I have and it still tastes like soap.

I also got a new pajamas for my Birthday and I know we are all friends here but ... I don't think your ready for that side of me. Also not pictured is my table runner. I know what your thinking nothing screams out 27 like a new runner. I'm sure the runner will be featured in many posts in the future as a background to a beauty product so fear not!


  1. lol, I legit thought that the karma bar was a peach in the first picture! ANYWAY, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY YOU LOVELY, YOU! And the last thing I need is more blush but hOT DAMN! That blush palette <3

    1. LOL the Karma bar works in very mysterious ways.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes...

  2. The Hourglass Ambient Blush Pallete is the most gorgeous thing! I need to get my hands on this! Great post!! x

    emily x ♥ | emily's beauty blog

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Great haul. The Hourglass ambient blush palette is so pretty. I have the full-sized mood exposure and I am really trying not to put this beauty into my Sephora cart.

    1. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
      LOL this is my first dabble with Hourglass ambient lighting anything and so far so darn good!!

  4. Happy belated birthday :D! I am in love with that Hourglass blush palette it is just so beautiful can't wait to read an in depth review on it x

    1. I have been testing and I can't wait to share my thoughts!
      Expect a review in a week or so!
      & thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  5. Wow great haul! I am a blush addict too and that Hourglass palette is truly stunning!

  6. Amazing haul! Fantastic that you picked up that palette- it's ultra lovely! Happy Birthday! :)


  7. Too much blush? There's no such thing. At least that's what I'm trying to convince myself of. I bought the Hourglass blush palette, the NARS Virtual Domination palette and still have my eye on the Tarte Pin Up Girl palette haha

    1. I couldn't agree with you more!
      The Tarte blush pallet looks freaken amazing!
      maybe it's only fitting I get it hmmmmm....