Saturday, October 25, 2014

In A Rush!

My personal favorite rush is the morning rush. You've never heard of it? That’s the one where you realized you've hit snooze 4 times and now you only have 10 min to get ready. There is also the evening rush.  This is usually occurs after immersing yourself into a television series when you realize it’s 8:00pm and your dinner reservations were at 7:30pm.  Life is filled with such joyous opportunities to quickly slap makeup on your face and still look presentable. So ladies here are some of my favorites to use when in a pitch.

When you don’t have time to wash your face- Bioderma Sensibio
I wash my face before bed but once in a blue moon I don’t.
Gasp! I know!
I’m never one to recommend you don’t wash your face but if you are sick (or drunk or whatever) and in a rush to get some sleep Bioderma can really be your best friend. Without water, face clothes or any of that Bioderma along with a cotton pad leaves skin perfectly clean. Unlike other makeup removers Bioderma doesn’t leave any nasty greasy residue behind, making it the perfect in a pinch product.

When you don’t have time to wash your hair- Klorane Dry Shampoo
Let’s face it we sometimes run into situations where we don’t have time to wash our hair. For these situations I think every woman should own a bottle of dry shampoo. With a quick spritz your hair looks clean, voluminous and freshly washed. My all-time favorite dry shampoo just got better! Yes, ladies and gent’s they have now released a tinted version of the cult classic Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. Perfect for brunettes its effective light weight formula stands true to the classic un-tinted version.

When you don’t have time for eye makeup- By Terry Ombre Black Star
I have foundation and concealer mastered into a quick routine that lasts less than a minute. Eye’s however are my downfall. Between selecting a lid shade, choosing a crease color, application and then blending a good 10 minutes just seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. So for days where I need to look polished yet don’t have much time I always choose my By Terry Ombre Blackstar’s. These creamy stick shadows are bendable for a good 30 seconds then set for the whole day. Both colors I own look absolutely stunning paired with a good coat of mascara. I apply these by carelessly filling my lid then blending through my crease with a MAC 217 brush. By the time everything is said and done it’s a look that takes less than a minute.

When you don’t have time for highlighting – NARS Multiple in Copacabana
I love a good highlight, but between all the glitter, powders, brushes, and blending it’s something I usually saved for special occasions. Then Copacabana happened and I’ve never encountered an easier way to highlight my life.  My application method of choice, from the tube draw where you want to highlight and pat in with finger tips.  NARS Multiples have a cream to powder formula. The formula makes them so easy to blend you can do it in the dark. As for the color Copacabana looks dewy and captures the light in a convincingly natural way. If you have a couple of seconds to spare in the morning Copacabana might just be your highlighting BFF.


  1. Great post! I need to try these!

    Missmacbeauty | Missmacbeauty

  2. So many fabulous time-savers! I couldn't even imagine only having 10 minutes to get ready in the morning (1 hour is pushing it for me, haha), but I'm always on the lookout for handy products like this :)


    1. I am always rushing mainly because I love sleeping LOL