Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween for the Working Professional

I use to have a naive idea of Halloween. I remember graduating from college landing my first job and thinking it was completely normal to go to work fully dressed up as a lumber jack. Yes suspenders, fake axe and all! To my surprise I was one of two people dressed up. The other girl also new to the workforce dressed up like a princess. We were in our early twenties we looked cute but completely misplaced. Well-found workplace Halloween awkwardness I made a vow to myself to have a more subtle approach to in-office Halloween. So here are my tips to looking festive without crossing that line.

Black Nail Polish
I particularly love black nail polish all year. However during the Halloween I seem to be particularly drawn to the dark vampy shade. I think the classiest way to wear a black nail polish is to keep your nails short and maintained.
I love the Revlon Parfumerie polish in Espresso. In terms of longevity I have yet to encounter a true black that wears this long. The pigmentation is nice on this one as well. I have to admit it doesn’t have the greatest scent, but the bottom line is it’s affordable and wears beautifully.

Bold Lip Colour
I don’t wear a bold lip colors as often as I wish I did. With that being said I love to whip out a great bold lipstick on Halloween, it’s surprisingly festive yet doesn’t look over the top.  My favorite bold lip is Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon. Dragon not only does it wear for hours but the blacken red is so darn sexy.

Halloween-isk scarf (which is the background for the post) 
I am not a fashion blogger, but I think the easiest way to inject festive clothing into your outfit is with a scarf. There great because you can be festive but also have the luxury of taking of your scarf should you have a client call, meeting or whatever that day. In my dream world I would throw on an Alexander McQueen skull scarf and call it a day! However in reality I will just wear my non-designer but very cute bargain scarf I picked up from Ardene last spring.  I also happen to like the way this scarf has just a touch of red in it. It ties into the lipstick shade quite well if you ask me! 

Yes this Halloween inspired post is not a crazy one. I know some people’s work places go all out for Halloween, but this is for the people who have a more understated celebration. Either way I wish each and every one of you have a safe and fun Halloween.


  1. Love this post! My work doesn't go all out for Halloween!

  2. Ah, Dragon! I've wanted to try that shade for ages. These are some great ways to sneak in some vampy colour at work :)



    1. Such a nice shade.
      I wish they still sold it :(