Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Favorites

October is my favorite month in the whole year. From the changing leaves, my birthday, Halloween, thanksgiving, October is truly a month of celebration. I can ramble on about my love for October, but we are here to talk about one thing only today… favorites. So people here are some beauty things I’ve loved over the past month.

N Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser
I got this back in September and somewhere between here and there I’ve forgotten to mention this. Bad blogger! With a review coming in the upcoming weeks I don’t want to spoil it but this is darn good. The scent is beautiful but most of all my skin loves this. For under $13.00 I don’t think you can go wrong with this bargain. 

Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream
With coconut oil, avocado oil and almond oil this is one hydrating hand cream. However unlike other hand creams I’ve tried this doesn’t leave a greasy residue in the slightest. In fact it actually absorbs quite quickly and immediately leaves your hands feeling softer. As far as the scent this has a honey, floral thing going on and it is absolutely wonderful. NUXE really does some amazing stuff. Come to think about it I have rarely been disappointed with this brand.

Revlon Parfumerie Polish in Bordeaux
Wine lovers out will be happy to know this does not smell anything like week old sour red wine. In its place it kind of smells like candy, which I’m sure both wine connoisseurs and non-drinkers would appreciate. Revlon Parfumerie polishes are simply amazing. In terms of longevity, application and pigmentation the have to be some of the best in my collection and Bordeaux has to be my favorite out of the bunch. This pretty burgundy color goes well with just about any outfit and it looks really beautiful on too. I highly recommend Bordeaux it is just all around a winner!

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
I know tons of people who swear by this and now I understand why! This lip balm is hydrating, minty, has no nasty ingredients and it’s inexpensive too. I can safely say that this has to be one of my top three lip balms right now. You can read my whole review here if you want.

Klorane Leave- In Cream with Date
Greasy, stringy hair, leave in cream conditioning products terrify me. All I am saying is I’ve tried some really bad product’s out there and I’ve had some horrible looking greasy hair in return. Klorane’s Leave in cream sounds frightening but trust me it is far from it. This chai scented cream actually hydrates the hair from the inside out so it doesn’t leave the slightest greasiness. I love using leave in conditioners on wet hair out but this also helps smooth out flyways in dry hair too. Plus you heard me right it smells like a chai latte, which makes it a festive yet effective choice for the fall and winter.  

Tom Ford Black Orchid
It was love at first smell with Black Orchid. Okay this might be TMI but we are all friends here right? I got really car sick last summer and while holding down my food all I could smell was this fragrance. Honestly the scent of Black Orchid would make my stomach turn, so we had to take a long break. Fragrances can really trigger some messed up memories may I add. JLO Miami Glow will forever remind me of …
Where am I going with this?
 After my long break with Black Orchid I have a newly found appreciation for it. This is starts off with a large hit of patchouli and chocolate.  Then eventually blooms into a dark floral with undertones of vanilla.  This kind of sweet, sort of spicy, very woodsy fragrance is a must have to any fall fragrance wardrobe.

What have you been loving this month, leave me a comment!


  1. Nice picks! That leave-in conditioner sounds lovely and that Revlon polish is so perfect for Fall! xo


    1. The leave-in cream is absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it!
      It even smells great too!

  2. Oooh, that Tom Ford fragrance sounds incredible x

  3. I really want to try the Revlon nail polishes - they have such great shades!
    Alex //

    1. I'm dying to try more of these.
      They hands-down out perform some high end brand polishes I own.