Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Packing

Yes the weekend before our move and to say the least things have been pretty hectic. From furniture shopping, to scheduling deliveries and oblivious boxing things up I am feeling stressed and exhausted. So where does a stressed out beauty obsessed girl like myself go to seek comforting? Straight to the vanity of course! Three things that have made my day a little more enjoyable.

Reve de Miel

My lips are do darn dry! I’m not sure what been going on with them but the constant feeling of burning lips had been driving me bananas. To combat the persistent dryness I have had my pot of Reve De Miel with me. I love this lip balm and while I usually use it as an overnight treatment its great for daily use for try lips too!

Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil

While I have packed most of my bathroom I had to leave this little gem. The scent of this it self makes me feel like I’m being transported to a spa. Such a little luxury but the aromatherapy qualities have me feeling a little more tranquil. Plus a couple of drops into my bath tonight is a treat I am looking forward too!

THEFACESHOP Special Care Hand Mask
On the top of my list of things to try at THEFACESHOP is this hand mask. It smells good (like apricots) and does a great job at moisturizing your hands. Application is simple just put the gloves on and wait 20 min before taking them off. Your hands after feel way softer and super hydrated. Who knew boxes can dry the heck out of your hands?
Best part about this very effective hand mask is it’s only $3.00!

Well back to the packing I go! I want to just give you the heads up I do have another post lined up for you but because of moving and that sort of stuff (internet) I am not sure if there will be any posts next weekend. I hope all of you have had a excellent weekend and thank you for reading!


  1. i would love to use the hand mask :) sounds awesome !! xx

    1. It's a really great treat for the hands and really affordable too!