Saturday, July 12, 2014

La Vanilla Healthy Deodorant

 I’ve been blogging for a year and I feel safe enough to say we are all friends here. So ladies today we are going to tackle the arm pit. Yup ladies today we are talking about deodorant! Not about any deodorant but La Vanilla’s Pure Vanilla deodorant. 

I converted to natural deodorant’s years ago a part of me wanted to steer clear of the harsh chemicals but the bottom line is my pits are sensitive. Did I just really say that? I don’t consider myself a sweaty person but so many of them never worked. Reading an online review about La Vanilla’s Healthy deodorant inspired me to give the brand a whirl. 

Three years later I am still loyal to the La Vanilla brand. From the first time I smelt Pure Vanilla I knew it would be the right one for me. While it still smells like traditional vanilla there’s something a little more to it than your average vanilla scent. As for the performance all the natural deodorants I’ve tried have been stinky to say the least. Honesty the La Vanilla is the only natural deodorant I’ve ever tried that works!  For everyday use I should mention. If I know I’m going to the gym or doing any sort of crazy activity like that I wear regular deodorant. What I like about this the most besides the scent is just how gentle is it. While other deodorants cause me irritation this one feels soothing almost cooling actually.

ps: this is a new tube

If you’re someone who has sensitive arm pits or if you want to switch to a natural deodorant this one is well worth the try. Did I just write a whole post about deodorant? Do you have a favorite natural deodorant? Leave me a message.


  1. Great review! I know this line smells amazing and it's nice to hear the formula is effective too! I've had the same problem with natural deodorants in the past :)


  2. This one is great for everyday use!
    I highly recommend the Pure Vanilla scent :)

  3. I tried switching to natural deodorants to avoid some of the harsh chemicals, but man I could not find one that would work for me! I'll definitely pick this one up next!

    1. such a great pick and they all smell really good too!

  4. I'm interested!! Where do I buy this? I have super sensitive arm Pitts!!

  5. Gland I'm not the only one!
    I picked mine up from Sephora.