Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Essentials

 Ice cream sandwiches, fresh tomatoes and family BBQ’s are all obvious choices. 
Sangria and popsicles make it to that list too! My life literally revolves around makeup and food. 

However today we are taking about summer beauty essentials.

I tend to wear a low SPF during winter months. However in the summer I make a conscious effort to wear a higher SPF every day. My last year go to was the La Vanilla Baby Block, which was perfect for my sensitive skin. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find this so I opted for my long-time favorite Clarins UV plus HP.
Some high SPF’s can make you feel sticky, slimy, greasy and just over all disgvusting. I can assure you the Clarins UV plus HP is so light weight you won’t even know it’s there. This not only does this combat sun damage this “powerhouse” helps fight free radicals by using organic cantaloupe extract. If you have oily skin, sensitive skin or just need an SPF I highly advise you pick up this one.

Fruity Body Wash
My every summer go to is the Philosophy Senorita Margarita body wash. Over the years I have gone through a few of these and I still come back for more. This somewhat zingy yet somewhat sweet is the true definition of refreshing. Philosophy’s shower gels are also extremely handy because you can use them in your hair, on the body and even as bubble bath. Philosophy’s Melon Daiquiri and Mimosa are great scents too.
PS: they don’t smell boozy so don’t fear the cocktail inspired names.

Cream Blush
I love cream blush all year but it really dominates in the summer time. NARS Penny Lane is a great neutral “transitional colour”. Come to think about it does NARS still do cream blush?
Either way you can’t go wrong with a cream blush they look extremely fresh on the cheeks and give you that dewy goddess skin. 
Actually if you are looking for blush there are always amazing summer releases so keep an eye out. My two favorite cream blushes happen to be limited edition blushes. While I don’t like to go on about limited edition product’s I just have to do a small mentioned to these two stunners.

Mac Weekend Get Away – Amazing formula and a great shade for both lips and cheeks.

Clarins Vitamin Pink- This has to be one of all-time favorites. The particular shade of pink literally just lifts my completion, while the slight shimmer adds a healthy glow. Application is easy and it lasts forever on the cheeks. Maybe your local Clarins counter might have one of these kicking around; if they do I can’t recommend this enough. 

What are your tried and true summer essentials? leave me a comment!


  1. Great post! Because I love your blog, I have nominated you for a Liebester award, click here for how to accept and enter!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from http://ellecharie.com

    1. thank you for the nomination :)
      Thanks for the nomination.

  2. Beautiful picks, Tanya! I recently picked up the tinted version of the Clarins sunscreen and it's quite nice! xo



    1. I saw that on your recent post.
      I was worried it would eventually oxidize and turn orangey.
      Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that.

  3. Ooo clarins lippie! NEeeeeeeeed!!! (just another example of a pretty product affecting my speech and making me sound like a caveman)