Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pampering Treats

 Today I thought I would take the day to relax, catch up on some blog stuff, watch some TV and indulge in a Sunday pamper. I happen to love lazy Sundays but since the weather has become warmer I have to admit my weekends has become busier.
So with it currently pouring ran outside I thought I would share with you my Sunday pampering treats.
Yes I am still in love THEFACESHOP! So it’s no surprise my relaxing day includes a slew of their masks. Today I will be trying out the Vitamin E Blood Orange mask. Unlike the other sheet masks I’ve tired from THEFACESHOP this on is a gel mask.
Should be interesting!
Another gel mask I am going to try today is there eye gel mask. I am someone who has dark circles and puffiness so I am pretty excited to get these on and see how they work.
The eye mask was $4.00 and the Blood Orange Mask was $2.00.

Don't forget about the lips! I have been using the Mango Seed Lip Scrub from THEFACESHOP. Not only does this lip balm taste good but it’s also super hydrating. While it says lip scrub on the pot this is really more of a hydrating lip balm with a couple of scrubbies.
Disappointing… kind of but nonetheless a really good nourishing lip product.

Next up to any pamper party is nail polish. While I’m not into pinks I do happen to really like coral nail polish. A summer favorite of mine is Essie’s California Coral.

Finally I am finishing up my spa day with my body care powerhouse duo NUXE’s Huile-Prodigieuse and The Body Shops Shea Body Butter. Not only do they leave the skin smelling great but also the combination of both is a real treat. I simply just mix the body butter with a couple drops of the oil and I’m ready to go!

Well that is it! I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday!


  1. I want to try that TFS lip scrub. :)


  2. Beautiful picks, Tanya! Those Face Shop masks sound fantastic and I've been dying to try the Nuxe body oil :)