Saturday, June 7, 2014

Out Shopping

The weather is warm and the malls are air-conditioned. It’s shopping season ladies!
Is it just me or do you panic every spring because you know summer is around the corner and you have “no” summer clothes? So before embarking on an adventure to find some summery office apparel I thought I would share with you some of my low-makeup essentials.

Concealer … yes this should come to no surprise.

I need concealer, I really do!
To work I like to wear two concealers but on low-key outings I keep it simple. Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer is great because it really brightens up the eye area. While this has some coverage and brightening properties it’s not too heavy. I think the best way to use this is to simply dot straight from the tube and blend it in with my fingers.

Mascara! Yes another basic product and one that I wear everyday. Just recently I have opened a tube of The Face Shops Freshian Volumizing Mascara. The couple of times I have worn this it made my eyelashes very long. That the funny thing about mascara you don’t know how it really works until a couple of weeks of use.

As for my skin on weekends I barely wear any foundation. When I do wear foundation I like to add a drop to my finger and combat areas where there is redness. I blend in the dotted areas with my fingers and leave the rest of my skin bare. Not only does this look natural but it honestly takes seconds to do. My foundation of choice has been the NARS Sheer Glow. It gives a decent about of coverage but doesn’t look too heavy. If you have dry skin I hydrate the skin well before application.

Tarte’s Glisten is a gorgeous coral with pink and gold glitter running through it. I must say chunky glitter isn’t something that I reach for often but in the summer there is something very fun about this color. There is something cool about wearing almost no makeup in contrast with a faint shimmery cheek. 

If you have NARS’s Super Orgasm they are very similar. Like all Tarte blushes they last for a long time, bendable yet very pigmented.

Just when you thought I was done raving about the Clarins Lip Perfector I am here to tell you… I’m not
 The amazing lip balm, lip-gloss hybrid adds the slightest touch of color that looks very natural to the lips. Not only is formula amazing, but the actual application is made simple with the slanted doe foot applicator. It smells amazing and tastes like a heavenly vanilla dessert. It’s one of the best lip products I’ve encountered if you’re into hassle free lips.  What more can I say? If you want to read my review click here.

Pared up with a pair of sunglasses and I am ready to go!
Let’s hope I can find some summery work clothes.
Between you and I this is posing to be quite the daunting task. Everything is either too bright or too revealing.

And on that note I am off to some summery shopping.


  1. Great post! x

  2. clothing shopping has always been unnecessarily hard for me! Not only do I not have the patience to try on clothes, but most of the clothing in malls are not my style! It's like impossible to find shorts these days don't show your butt!!! Ugh, online shopping is the

    1. LOL the whole butt showing is the exact reason I don't own a pair of shorts.
      Maybe I will try the online shops because as of yet I have had no such luck in stores!!!

  3. This is a season for shopping, haha :) Can't go wrong with Tarte blushes and I'm tempted again and again by those Clarins glosses :)


    1. Oh Jen they are soo good!
      Once your lip product no buy is done I highly suggest you get one of these!