Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bebe Lip Review

Now how cute are these? I am telling you THEFACESHOP has been my favourite recent discovery. Not only are most things inexpensive but the products I’ve tried have been pretty good too.  So wandering through their makeup section I stumbled upon the Bebe Lip line. I’m always weary of trying things out with really cutesy packaging. I suppose a part of me thinks it’s meant for little girls and therefore lacks quality. Gut instincts aside and my compulsive personality in overdrive I ended up purchasing the both the Bebe Lip Mask and Bebe Lip Essence.

Bebe Lip Essence… I’m not going to lie I thought the texture of this would have been runny, kind of like a serum. Don’t be confused by the word “essence” in reality this is a semi shiny lip balm. The smells like a delicious fruity bubble gum, which both tastes and smells wonderful. While THEFACESHOP’s website recommends you use this at night, I say you save this for daily use. This cute little balm has an SPF 15 which is perfect for daylight usage. If you are looking for a hydrating summer lip balm, with SPF, a sanitary tube, decent list of ingredients for under $10.00 this is one to check out.
Plus the cute packaging just make this a winner. 

Again absolutely adorable packaging, but between you and I this seemed gimmicky. This mask is made of silicone sheets that stick on to your lips. My lips weren’t dry before hand but still they felt much smoother after.

Should you try it? The simple answer if you have $2.00 kicking around you should. I personally feel this is a good SOS lip product to have just “incase”. Since this contains the hydrating hyaluronic acid this would be great at instantly reliving wind burnt, sun burnt or just plain old chapped lips.


  1. Wow, this packaging really is adorable and the lip mask is such a unique idea! Will have to check these out for sure :)


    1. so cute right?!?
      Thanks for the comment :)