Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lip Product Overhaul

It is with tons of embarrassment that I bring you this post today. The truth is I have never considered myself a lipstick aficionado. However, there is something about trying different lipsticks that is so much fun/ addictive. I’m sure there are more of you lipstick addicts out there who want to scale back your collection. So here are my tips:

1.       Toss out the old ones. The best rule of thumb is if it looks different and smells gross throw it out.

2.       Give to friends and family! I was on the hunt for the “perfect” nude and I have come to the terms that most wash me out. Luckily I happen to have a cousin that loves all nude shades. On the other hand I also have another friend who loves blight colors. The combination of these two ensure every lipstick gets some love.

3.       Rule number three is DON’T forget your Mom. My mom is a lipstick addict! I’m telling you I’ve never seen someone go through lipstick as quickly as she does.Which basically means she always gets lipstick too!

4.       Try on before purchasing.

Dearest Tanya you tend to be picky about formulas and colors, so don’t waste your money and try them the heck on! Anyone else have this impulsive "looks nice must have" philosophy? From now on I vow to myself before I purchase I must try (when possible).

5.       Limit yourself… I did this to curb my nail polish obsession a few years ago. I made a promise to myself to only buy 5 nail polishes in a whole calendar year. In return I got some well researched beautiful shades, got use out of my preexisting colors and saved money. So I plan I plan on doing the same method for my lip product infatuation.

 Hopefully these 5 tips on scaling back will help. If you have any tips feel free to let me know as I will be needing them.


  1. Haha I've become quite a lipstick hoarder over the past few months, but there are just so many different formulas and colour too choose from!! I definitely need to throw out some of my old lipsticks that are starting to smell a bit funky...

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. i think tip 5 is helpful. if i keep buying ad inifinitum it just becomes a gross free for all where i end up with way too many. my problem is wanting to get multiple colors from new launches just to test them all out.
    A Beautiful Zen