Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What happened MAC?

For years I followed MAC’s every collection. I was the first one in line on launch days and even embarrassingly dedicated hours looking up swatches of discontinued MSF’s.  However, I have not bought a single thing from MAC from MAC in over a year. Yes, they make some great products MSF Natural, Blacktrack Fluidline and Springsheen blush are among my favourites.
So what happened?
I fell in love with Gem of Roses lipstick, which was the perfect natural everyday lipstick. This beauty broke mid use, so I felt like I never got full experience out of it.
Random but true fact I break lipstick like crazy.

Second lipstick I fell in love with is the pink shimmery beauty Venus. Which I use sparingly because I fear the day my tube runs out and I am no longer able to purchase this. Same with the shimmery pink Blonde MSF. It’s a beautiful icy pink shimmer it is honestly breathtaking.

Hello Kitty, Style Warrior and Baroque Boudoir, amazing collections.
This is becoming a ramble of crazy thoughts but what I am trying to get to is:
I feel genuinely guilty for using limited edition products. On one hand they are beautiful but on the other I don’t want to fall in love with them. 
So this is what happened, all the limited edition products MAC leave me with the thought that they are going to leave me high and dry. So while looking over some truly gorgeous products that unfortunately I feel too guilty to use I have come to the conclusion.
If MAC and I are going to have a relationship I am only buying permanent products.

Have had similar experiences leave me a comment?


  1. I really do agree. MAC Collections used to be a huge deal for me and I literally have not stalked one since...goodness, last spring - Minus the Punk Couture launch which literally just didn't sell out near me. The really exciting collections are now few and far between with these strange "filler" collections that lack in the excitement factor. Their huge seasonal collections have turned into the fillers as of late - Playland and Alluring Aquatic left a lot to be desired for me. Here's to hoping for some more creativity on their end soon!

    1. I feel you girl!
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I feel like MAC has really over-done it with the limited edition collections. They used to release them every 2 months or so and they were unique and beautiful. I anxiously awaited each one. Now, they seem to be released every couple of weeks and the same level of excitement isn't really there. I don't mind using limited edition goodies, but I wish MAC would choose quality over quantity when it comes to these collections. Their upcoming summer lineup does seem promising, though :)



    1. They defiantly have a lot of filler products in there collections
      The permanent line has fantastic products...
      Where is the separation?

  3. god, anything that is limited addition immediately grabs my attention! I feel like most of my junk is LE, which means it sucks when I use it up! Still, I think MAC needs to slow down the quantity of their collections and focus on the quality!


    1. Same thanks for joining in on the convo! :)

  4. I know what you mean about not want to actually use LE products. I think these days, though, it is easier to find a dupe of something than it used to be. For me, it's all about the LE packaging and not wanting to mess it up. MAC LE collections kind of frustrate me. Some of them feel so "phoned in" and the good ones are hard to get a hold of.

    1. I know what you mean my local store only got two tubes of Watch Me Simmer.
      Its like the fuel the fire!