Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back to MAC

 Having sworn off limited edition releases MAC and I are on speaking terms and we are getting along …better to say the least. After cleaning out my collection a couple days ago I did have some products to Back to MAC. Which in my heart of hearts I know is a great program. So what better way to rekindle my love for MAC then with some free product?

After looking over the selection of lipsticks I came to the conclusion that Patissere and Cream Cup were too pale for me. Plus I am still feeling tart about my beloved but broken Gem of Roses I headed for the eye shadows.
Because you can’t go wrong with an eye shadow can you?

My first pick was the cult favorite Soba. This shadow is unlike anything I own its kind of mustardy cool toned brown with a golden sheen. I have heard great things about this over the years and think it will be a nice one-swipe wonder.

The second eye shadow is another MAC classic Mulch. Again I thought this would be an easy one-color eye shadow look. Mulch is a bronzy medium brown that has bronzy shimmer through it. In comparison to Soba, Mulch is darker and much warmer. 

Truly both colors are gorgeous, pigmented, buttery and easy to work with.

Yes, these aren’t in limited edition packaging but the moral of the story is MAC has some great permanent products in their line up.

I'm sure you know about the Back to MAC program but basically you bring 6 empties you get a free lipstick at MAC counters. 

However in stores you can actually get a lipstick, lip glass or eye shadow.


  1. Nice picks! Mulch is one of my all-time favourite brown shades! And Soba is definitely on my wishlist :)


    1. Mulch is nice I have been wearing it just a a very sheer wash of colour and it looks stunning.

  2. really like the look of soba and I still have three slots in my mac palette... might have to check out mac's site...